Carbon Black Reports 1M Attempted Hacks Per Day

January 25, 2019

Carbon Black's 2019 Global Threat Report, “The Year of the Next-Gen Cyberattack” is based on analysis and insight from the Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit (TAU), who researched the current state of cyberattacks across the Carbon Black customer base and in conjunction with the company’s incident response (IR) partners, who conduct, on average, more than one incident response engagement per day using Carbon Black technology.

The report found that while cryptomining, fileless attacks, ransomware and commodity malware are still causing havoc, a new breed of cyberattacks (seemingly fueled by geopolitical tension) is emerging.

“Modern cyberattacks appear to increasingly be fueled by geopolitical tension and reveal how clever attackers have become in evolving to remain undetected — using techniques such as lateral movement, island hopping and counter incident response to stay invisible,” the report notes. “According to Carbon Black’s threat research, we believe 2019 promises to be a year where endpoint visibility becomes more paramount than ever as attackers continue to evolve and global tensions increase.”

Among the key findings from the report:

  • Carbon Black customers, in aggregate, are seeing approximately 1 million attempted cyberattacks per day
  • The top five industries targeted by cyberattacks in 2018, according to Carbon Black’s global threat data, were: Computers/Electronics, Healthcare, Business Services, Internet/Software, and Manufacturing
  • As 2018 came to a close, CB TAU saw several cyberattacks targeting global governments that included indicators of compromise attributable to North Korea
  • Approximately $1.8 billion of cryptocurrency related thefts occurred in 2018
  • Nearly 60% of attacks now involve lateral movement
  • Half of incident response engagements now involve instances of counter incident response
  • Half of cyberattacks today use the victim primarily for island hopping
  • IR firms are encountering destructive attacks during 32% of investigations

The report also includes specific threat intelligence information from CB TAU on some ubiquitous attack methods including: the Emotet banking trojan, Monero cryptomining attacks and ransomware that leverages open-source tools.

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