Unity, DeepMind Team for AI Research Using Virtual Worlds

September 26, 2018

Unity Technologies is collaborating with DeepMind in the development of virtual environments and tasks in support of the company’s fundamental AI research program.

Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, said: “Games and simulations have been a core part of DeepMind’s research programme from the very beginning and this approach has already led to significant breakthroughs in AI research. As a former video game designer myself, I couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with Unity, creating virtual environments for developing and testing the kind of smart, flexible algorithms we need to tackle real-world problems.”

Unity is no stranger to forging thought-leadership in the AI field. In combination with the ML-Agents toolkit, Unity is quickly becoming the platform of choice for the development of intelligent agents. The Unity engine can create the massive simulations needed by researchers to study autonomous artificial agents and develop new kinds of algorithms, which will influence fundamental AI research in areas including robotics, autonomous vehicle development, and many other areas of science and technology.

“DeepMind researchers are trying to crack huge AI problems and Unity provides them with a solution of creating complex virtual environments that will enable the development of algorithms capable of learning to solve complex tasks across diverse environments,” said Danny Lange, Vice President of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies. “We believe the future of AI is being forged by increasingly sophisticated human-machine interactions, and Unity is proud to be the engine that is enabling these interactions.”

Unity is the most widely-used real-time development platform, powering 60% of all AR/VR content and 50% of all mobile games worldwide. Unity is now taking initial steps toward becoming the general platform for the development of intelligent agents and creating simulation environments to generate and capture synthetic data for different verticals such as automotive and industrial.

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