Nyansa Coins Social Friending Network Tech

October 9, 2018

Following a similar concept popularized by social networking services like Facebook and others, Nyansa introduced a social networking service, called network friending, to its popular Voyance network analytics platform.

"Our customers have always loved the ability to see how other networks of similar makeup are performing against theirs and many have further requested the ability to de-anonymize high level comparisons and be able to contact other customers to discuss best practices," said Abe Ankumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Nyansa.

"Now that Voyance has a critical mass of users and over 10 million devices under observation, across hundreds of production networks around the world, the ability to engage in a meaningful way with peers is becoming an important aspect of the IT practice. While this service won't appeal to every company or industry, because we are the only true cloud-based analytics service on the market, it just makes sense to offer such a unique capability to our customers and do something that other vendors just can't do," concluded Ankumah.

Nyansa's Voyance analytics platform is the only user performance management and network assurance solution that is vendor-agnostic and uses cloud sourcing to aggregate and analyze billions of network transactions across hundreds of enterprise production networks. This data can be easily summarized, correlated and statistical data (NOT user data!!) can be shared among customers something not possible today with any other infrastructure management solution.

By leveraging cloud-sourcing, Voyance surfaces industry benchmark comparisons across a wide range of different dimensions, such as client, application, Wi-Fi or Web performance; with root cause comparisons, client network experience, and infrastructure incident reporting (e.g. Wi-Fi noise levels, channel availability, etc.). Until now these comparisons have been strictly anonymized.

Now with network friending, available immediately to all Voyance public cloud customers at no additional cost, enterprises can request from their peers, the ability to benchmark and track different aspects of their infrastructure performance against "friend" networks. This is an opt-in service that requires the agreement of both parties. No network data is shared between customers, only benchmark performance analytics.

"Being able to benchmark the behavior of the different aspects of our network on an apples to apples basis with other institutions is invaluable to us," said John Arthur, senior network engineer at Banner Health.

"Now if we want to know how our AP roaming times, DNS latency, client application experience or any other performance metric compares with others to see if we need to focus on improving some issue, we have immediate access to that information," concluded Arthur.

"Voyance was the first solution to provide real time benchmarking across our entire infrastructure and the ability to identify performance issues across disparate systems quickly," said Mike Atkins, senior network engineer at the University of Notre Dame.

"Network friending now gives us indispensable context to the data presented in the benchmarks and lets us easily engage our peers in order to share, compare, and collaborate. The culture in the Wi-Fi and education communities is to solve problems together. The adoption and use of this feature is a direct reflection of that culture," concluded Atkins.

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