Compuware, CollabNet VersionOne Integrate ISPW and Continuum

October 24, 2018

Compuware and CollabNet VersionOne have completed integration of their respective products, ISPW and Continuum. The companies previously announced they were partnering to help large enterprises unify their Value Stream Management (VSM) by incorporating their critical mainframe software development activities into their digital value chain.

ISPW provides DevOps-enabled source code management (SCM) capabilities for mainframe code while CollabNet VersionOne’s Continuum tracks, automates and orchestrates software value streams across the DevOps lifecycle. Continuum’s visual interface helps users see and understand the progression of what is happening in the process of development.

The initial integration will enable Application Development and Delivery managers to view and control the status of user stories moving through the mainframe software development pipeline from the same Continuum dashboard as they use to manage those pipelines across other platforms. This dashboard enables managers to quickly identify which stories are progressing on schedule, which have been delayed by defects, and which contain trailing commits.

Large enterprises are relying increasingly on their core mainframe systems of record as essential back-end support for critical mobile and web front-end customer engagement. They must therefore orchestrate the delivery of new software across all platforms at the same speed and frequency to deliver value to customers.

“As planned, our partnership with Compuware is already delivering capabilities that make it easier for mainframe users to scale Agile and DevOps. We are helping them connect their mainframe-based development activities into broader cross-platform efforts that can be incorporated into unified value streams,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of CollabNet VersionOne. “Value Stream Management keeps software aligned with business objectives, which is essential for today’s dynamic and continuous application development processes.”

“Enterprises need greater automation, better visibility and a mainframe-inclusive DevOps tool-chain to increase the quality, velocity and efficiency with which they create new digital experiences for customers,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware. “Our partnership with CollabNet VersionOne will provide such capabilities, empowering development and delivery teams to accelerate their DevOps journeys to better meet their customers’ digital demands.”

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