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By Nat Friedman, Microsoft

October 26 2018

Iím thrilled to share that the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub is complete. 🎉 Monday is my first day as CEO. Millions of people rely on GitHub every day, and I am honored by the opportunity to lead this company.

When we announced the acquisition in June, I shared two principles for GitHub that are worth repeating:

  • GitHub will operate independently as a community, platform, and business. This means that GitHub will retain its developer-first values, distinctive spirit, and open extensibility. We will always support developers in their choice of any language, license, tool, platform, or cloud.
  • GitHub will retain its product philosophy. We love GitHub because of the deep care and thoughtfulness that goes into every facet of the developerís experience. I understand and respect this, and know that we will continue to build tasteful, snappy, polished tools that developers love.

Ultimately, my job is to make GitHub better for you.

Iíve spent the past few months meeting with hundreds of developers as I prepared for this role, from maintainers to startups to large businesses. The passion for GitHub is amazingóboth in the areas where we excel and in the areas where you want us to do more. Iíve learned a lot from these conversations, and listening to our customers will be a core part of how GitHub operates as a company.

Three objectives will be top of mind for us as we build the future of GitHub:

  • Ensuring GitHub is the best place to run productive communities and teams
  • Making GitHub accessible to more developers around the world
  • Reliability, security, and performance

We will start by focusing on the daily experience of using GitHub and will double down on our paper cuts project. We will improve core scenarios like search, notifications, issues/projects, and our mobile experience. And of course we are excited to make GitHub Actions broadly available.

We believe in the power of communitiesóthat we can all achieve more when we collaborate with others. As the worldís largest developer community, GitHub brings together over 31 million developers to create, collaborate, share, and build on each otherís work.

Our vision is to serve every developer on the planet, by being the best place to build software. This is a dream opportunity for all of us at GitHub, and we couldnít be more excited to roll up our sleeves and start this next chapter.

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