Mirantis Launches MCP Edge

October 29, 2018

Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge (MCP Edge) offers operators a complete software solution designed for edge cloud use cases.

Unlike “the core” cloud infrastructure that is generally uniform and centralized, edge infrastructure consists of many geographically distributed points of presence (POPs) with heterogeneous architecture. As such, deploying and running edge infrastructure cost efficiently forces service providers to rethink existing approaches to deployment and management.

MCP Edge delivers low footprint, low latency and high throughput edge infrastructure that is based on open standards and can be centrally managed. The software product integrates Kubernetes, OpenStack and Mirantis’ flexible infrastructure manager, DriveTrain, empowering operators to deploy a combination of container, VM and bare metal points of presence connected by a unified management plane.

“Edge footprints need to support a wide diversity of application use cases. Service providers are still in learning mode — gearing up for edge computing with the advent of new technologies like 5G, IOT and autonomous driving,” said Adrian Ionel, Mirantis CEO. “Infrastructure agility at the edge will enable businesses to adapt and roll out new use cases quickly, with minimal cost.”

A demo version of MCP Edge is available for download on Mirantis’ website as a virtual appliance. The downloadable version makes it possible for service providers to deploy a Kubernetes-based, 6-node edge POP capable of running containers and VMs. An MCP Edge demo can be deployed on a single server or public cloud instance. Running mixed workloads is possible through the use of Virtlet, an open source container runtime interface pioneered by Mirantis and developed by the Kubernetes community.

Over the course of the last 5 years, the world’s top service providers have adopted Mirantis’ products as their cloud infrastructure, including AT&T, Telstra, Vodafone, Reliance, STC, Cox Communications, NTT and more. Mirantis has been working in close partnership with its telco customers for over two years to develop the optimal architecture for MCP Edge.

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