Sencha Debuts Ext JS Community Edition

November 9, 2018

Sencha's Ext JS Community Edition is a free edition of the company’s JavaScript tooling, components and framework aimed at increasing product access for hobbyist developers, startups and students.

Ext JS Community Edition is a complete JavaScript framework with a powerful UI component library that enables developers to quickly build and easily maintain data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications. The product is available to individuals and organizations with less than $10,000 in revenue or under five developers.

“Our goal is to make application development more accessible to more people, so when your application or business takes off, you don’t have to learn new tools or port code from various tool-sets,” said Sandeep Adwankar, senior product manager. “Community Edition eliminates those growing pains while giving aspiring developers access to valuable capabilities.”

Ext JS Community Edition includes tools to help with application design, development, theming and debugging, as well as build optimization and deployment.

They include:

Hundreds of pre-integrated and tested UI components including Modern Grid

Customizable built-in themes including Material theme

Robust data package with features such as sorting and filtering

npm packaging and open tooling support, including WebPack and Babel

Sample apps and stencils

One-year term license

Ext JS Community Edition is unique in the JavaScript world for providing a much easier path to commercial solutions. It solves typical challenges with moving from open source to commercial use that often require rework, and it is particularly effective for classroom learning because of the consistency in documentation and broad range of tooling.

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