Test Automation University Begins

January 3, 2018

Applitools released the first of several 2019 courses for Test Automation University - a community-driven collection of educational training courses to help improve test automation skill sets. Course education materials help improve results from the test automation efforts critical to app release velocity and quality in today's global business climate. Provided free of charge, these online courses help address the lack of accessibility to an industry-vetted collective of training resources. Instructors include leading test automation experts Angie Jones, Dave Haeffner, Jonathan Lipps, Joe Colantonio, Amber Race, Elisabeth Hocke, Manoj Kumar, Jason Arbon, Raja Rao, and Gil Tayar with many more to be announced throughout 2019.

Every course includes several chapters with video tutorials, transcripts, additional resources, and quizzes to confirm and reinforce learning. Students who successfully complete courses are rewarded with credits that accumulate and count towards their overall ranking, as well as profile badges to celebrate progress and learning.

Anyone who completes the first Test Automation University course by January 15, 2019, will receive an exclusive New Year's Resolution badge and an additional 500 credits. Sign-up to participate at

The first course in the curriculum is now available and contains the following chapters to help students learn about:

•Designing a Test Automation Strategy

•Creating a Culture for Test Automation Success

•Developing for Test Automatability

•Tooling for Test Automation

•Future-proofing Your Test Automation Efforts

•Scaling Your Test Automation

•Measuring the Value of Your Test Automation

"At Test Automation U, we don't want to limit learning to any one particular school of thought, which is why we are providing a wealth of training materials from a variety of industry veteran instructors all in one centralized location," said Angie Jones, senior developer advocate at Applitools. "Our first course, meant for all stages of skill sets and career paths, helps students set a foundation for test automation success by thinking through and identifying the core elements of good test automation and applying them before starting a project."

In the face of digital transformation, as well as continuous integration and continuous deployment initiatives (CI-CD), the shortage of test automation skills is being further exacerbated. Numerous reports from analysts across the globe estimate this gap in skills and talent to reach the hundreds of thousands within only a few years' time. Test Automation University is a program committed to helping address this challenge. As an open, community-driven educational training program, the community is responsible for identifying, aggregating, and amplifying techniques that will help automation professionals succeed more often. In particular, those responsible for QA (test automation engineers, QA teams, and developers) can take advantage of these offerings immediately. To learn more about Test Automation University, take the demo course at (

Additional Test Automation University courses will be released every few weeks throughout 2019 with the following instructors and courses already scheduled:

1.January 1, 2019: Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation from Angie Jones

2.January 18, 2019: Design Patterns for Test Automation from Eran Barlev

3.February 1, 2019: Exploring Tools for API Test Automation from Amber Race

4.February 8, 2019: Scaling Automated Tests with Docker from Carlos Kidman

5.February 15, 2019: Automated Visual Testing: A Fast Path To Test Automation Success from Angie Jones

6.March 1, 2019: Incredibly Fast Front-end Testing with Cypress from Gil Tayar

7.March 1, 2019: Codeless Test Automation using the new Selenium IDE from Dave Haeffner

8.March 15, 2019: The Whole Team Approach to Continuous Testing from Elisabeth Hocke

9.March 15, 2019: Advanced Topics in Automated Visual Testing from Raja Rao

10.March 29, 2019: Performance Testing Tools and Techniques: Preparing For The Masses from Amber Race

11.April 12, 2019: Automated Visual Testing of Mobile Apps Using Appium from Jonathan Lipps

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