HyScale App Delivery Platform Debuts

December 12, 2018

HyScale has launched its app delivery platform built for high velocity teams who rapidly iterate and deploy a large number of apps into Kubernetes. The platform’s self-service experience enables engineering teams to focus on the application rather than worry about container mechanics.

"The goal of HyScale is to help enterprise teams to seamlessly move large sets of microservices into containers and ship them to Kubernetes. This adds to our existing offerings of low-code, mobility, and strong authentication platforms. We are providing a one stop for all digital modernization needs," says Vijay Pullur, Co-founder and President of Pramati Technologies.

Enterprises moving from VM world into container world face a steep learning curve, challenges of mixed ownership, and lack of standard process for containerising and delivering large number of applications to Kubernetes -- especially when there are frequent app changes. HyScale is purpose-built to address these challenges.

By automating app onboarding, containerization, configuration, tracking, and delivery, HyScale eliminates delivery friction when moving apps to K8s. It defines clear hand-offs, provides visibility into the process, and tracks configuration changes during app delivery lifecycle.

HyScale was born out of the experience of building a microservice container-based aPaaS platform for WaveMaker, where it delivered thousands of containers to production for enterprise customers.

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