Alef Mobitech Touts Edge Platform Test Partners

November 9, 2018

Alef Mobitech has completed successful interoperability testing with Cisco, Huawei, Nokia, Dell, HP and Ericsson with a tier-one global mobile carrier. The tests prove that the Alef Edge Computing Platform can be reliably deployed into national mobile networks as a seamless, transparent overlay on their existing 4G infrastructure.

The interoperability testing included standard billing interfaces—both pre-paid and post-paid, for voice and data services—and a comprehensive revenue assurance test regimen. Alef also demonstrated comprehensive interconnects with existing operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning systems. Through the certification process, Alef achieved several governmental approvals from the local telecommunications authority, including certification for the provisioning of lawful intercept. Throughout all of this testing, zero changes to the existing infrastructure were required, thus clearly demonstrating the strength of Alef’s transparent network overlay architecture.

“Our successful interoperability tests with Cisco, Huawei, Nokia, Dell, HP and Ericsson demonstrate that the Alef Edge Computing Platform leverages and protects mobile operators’ existing infrastructure investments while laying the foundation for tomorrow’s 5G services. Alef is enabling mobile operators to provide VAS at the RAN today which is where the service provider market will find its long-term revenue opportunities,” said Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, CEO, Alef Mobitech.

The Alef Edge Computing Platform is based upon foundational intellectual property that brings to life mobile edge services that are faster, better and cheaper than any alternative platforms in the mobile ecosystem. With a rich set of APIs, the Alef Edge Computing Platform will provide a competitive advantage for every vertical market that depends on mobile performance as a critical ingredient in their business.

“5G requires Edge Computing, but Edge Computing does not require 5G. Mobile Operators need not wait until 5G to start leveraging the power of edge computing. We developed our platform to transform mobile networks into a hyper-distributed computing environment that puts content and resources close to the end user. The opportunity is now,” said Steven Spencer, COO of Alef Mobitech.

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