Mendix Integrates with IBM Watson

February 11, 2019

Mendix is IBM's only enterprise-grade, low-code development platform fully optimized and cloud-natively integrated with IBM Cloud Services. Rorive will highlight Mendix's reengineered cloud-native architecture that now fully supports Kubernetes containerization for the IBM ecosystem. Full support for IBM's Kubernetes implementation provides Mendix low-code app developers with seamless access to the capabilities of Watson, the world's leading provider of AI cognitive services.

"The goal of the Mendix-IBM Alliance is to place the ease of drag-and-drop, low-code application development into the hands of the Enterprise cloud market, leverage Watson's AI capabilities for the largest number of users, and vastly accelerate the time-to-value deployment of business innovation," says Rorive. "The integration of the Mendix platform with IBM Cloud and Watson represents a golden triangle of enterprise-ready solutions that will power the next wave of smart applications to focus the power of AI on vertical industry solutions."

Mendix's platform enhancements for the IBM Cloud infrastructure include:

Broader Access to IBM Cloud Services. Integrating Mendix's low-code app development and deployment with Watson's out-of-the-box AI capabilities will enable enterprise customers to experiment with AI-ready services, including access to Weather Channel content, App ID, and App Launch on IBM Cloud.

Full Support for Kubernetes. Integrated support for Kubernetes production-grade container orchestration is now part of Mendix's cloud-native architecture. Native Kubernetes support enables streamlined management and interoperable deployment across public, private, and hybrid clouds. This turbocharged integration with IBM Cloud and the Mendix platform eliminates costly IT overhead with automatic healing and horizontal scaling, enabling seamless management for migrating legacy systems or creating new, cloud-native, microservices-based capabilities.

Single Sign-on Onboarding. Reengineered platform integration creates a frictionless user experience for all Mendix low-code applications with one-click, out-of-the box deployment to IBM Cloud's entire catalog of third-party vendors. This enhancement allows enterprise customers to operate and monitor mission-critical applications in a single IBM-centric dashboard, eliminating the need for additional logins and passwords.

Integrated Billing with IBM Cloud. The newly streamlined financial platform provides enterprise customers with a single invoice for any purchased IBM Cloud service. By adding the Mendix platform to IBM Cloud's catalog, customers can quickly begin to explore Mendix's enterprise-ready, low-code application development, allowing them to deliver commercial benefits at speed and for the lowest possible total cost of ownership, using their IBM Cloud Credits.

"The billing platform integration will encourage new users who are seeking an effortless way to evaluate cutting-edge products," says Rorive. "It becomes much more flexible for enterprises to experiment and extend their application landscape with low-code development, at a much lower investment risk than normal."

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