Atomist SDM 1.0 Debuts

November 21, 2018

Atomist released their Software Delivery Machine (SDM) 1.0. Three months ago, the company open-sourced SDM and made the engine for automating software delivery available to every developer globally. SDM has now been widely deployed by developers and companies around the globe, enabling teams to modernize their software delivery, gain greater visibility and control, and helped developers take control over their own delivery experience.

"Atomist has been our delivery automation platform for over a year. Now, with SDM, we're using it to automate deployment all the way through staging and integration to prod. We're very excited to see SDM 1.0 ship," said Brian Conneen, CIO/CTO Marlette Funding.

Atomist SDM, the first software delivery machine, arrives at 1.0 signaling the maturity of the project and includes feature updates and enhancements created in response to community feedback. SDM now includes enhanced approvals, an extension pack model, and log streaming, in addition to further enhancements to Goals, the fundamental action in SDM. SDM 1.0 also includes built-in goals for inspecting and fixing common coding issues, performing Docker builds and deploying to common targets like Kubernetes.

"The big idea of SDM is that actions like builds or deployments should be driven from events and defined in code rather than a cringe worthy mix of YAML definitions and Bash scripts typical of legacy CI/CD tools. The SDM provides a framework for developing delivery and the runtime for executing it," said Christian Dupuis, VP Engineering.

Similar to business applications, software delivery must continuously evolve to provide developers the tools they need. Modern applications drive new requirements for modern delivery approaches. With SDM, Atomist makes those tools available to improve and evolve software delivery for everyone.

"We are extremely excited about the progress of the SDM project, and helping as many software teams as possible. We look forward to the next phase of SDM, with participation from the community, our fellow developers, and the ever-growing list of SDM users who put automation to the test every day," said Rod Johnson, Atomist CEO and co-founder. "Developers deserve a better way to deliver, defined in code and supremely programmable. This is our mission and we look forward to building the future of delivery and automation with developers."

"The core of what SDM enables integrated, engineered, event-driven delivery is foundational to what I call progressive delivery. Modern software delivery is changing dramatically. Engineering the delivery of software is now strategic. Atomist is paving the way toward better delivery. SDM 1.0 is a hugely important milestone on that path," said James Governor, co-founder Redmonk.

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