SoftBank Robotics Unveils Whiz

November 27, 2018

Brain Corp, an AI company specializing in the development of self-driving technology for robots is powering autonomous capabilities in a new product launched by SoftBank Robotics.

The product, an autonomous vacuum cleaner, has been designed specifically for use in commercial spaces such as retail and office environments. Sales are slated to begin in 2019 and will focus initially on the Japanese market. The vacuum will be powered by BrainOS, Brain Corp's proprietary operating system.

Earlier this year, Brain Corp announced entry into the Japanese market with an application in large-scale, industrial floor scrubbers. The newly announced vacuum product, while also in the cleaning space, will be significantly smaller in size than the machines BrainOS has supported in the past.

"This effort with SoftBank Robotics represents an important milestone in our company's development," says Brain Corp co-founder and CEO, Dr. Eugene Izhikevich. "BrainOS is now powering numerous robots of different sizes and use cases, thereby proving that BrainOS has the capability and flexibility to effectively automate any mobile machine. On top of that, this vacuum's robotic drive system can be leveraged by Brain Corp's partners to create additional BrainOS-powered robots in applications like delivery, security and healthcare, just to name a few. We look forward to continuing to work with SoftBank Robotics and extending the reach of BrainOS into Japan and around the world."

BrainOS, Brain Corp's award-winning AI platform, comes fully integrated with automated driverless technology. Users can easily train a route and then activate driverless floor cleaning with the press of the "Blue Autonomy" button. The self-driving machine uses multiple sensors to scan its surroundings for people and obstacles, providing the industry's highest level of safety and performance.

"SoftBank Robotics is pleased to add to its product portfolio with the announcement of this new, commercial application," says SoftBank Robotics CBO, Kenichi Yoshida. "Brain Corp's best-in-class technology has allowed us to effectively bring multiple robotic solutions to the Japanese market, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and lead together."

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