Vanguard Leverages Cray XC in Stargate Imaging Security Solution

December 3, 2018

Vanguard Infrastructures has selected the Cray XC supercomputing system as the compute and real-time analytics engine for the new Vanguard Stargate Imaging security scanning solution. The Cray XC system was selected because of its exceptional ability to process massive amounts of data at high speed.

Until now, scanning and inspecting large volumes of goods in transit and across borders was a slow, intrusive process that, either didn’t meet all security requirements, or created unacceptable shipping delays. The Vanguard Stargate Imaging security solution addresses these key pain points by delivering speed and accuracy in a highly scalable, and secure 3D imaging system that tracks carrier container content with advanced scanning methods at high-speeds.

The Stargate Imaging solution identifies the atomic numbers associated with materials in a shipping container at near real-time speed to spot potentially threatening or hazardous content without the need to open and manually inspect each container. Stargate Imaging scanners can be sized to cover pallets, tarmac scanners for aircraft containers, mobile scanners, border crossing scanners for trucks and railcars and seaport containers. The Cray XC supercomputing systems provide the necessary compute and analytics capability to process and analyze these large volumes of data, in near real-time.

“Cray is a natural choice for the innovative Stargate Imaging solution,” said Vanguard’s CEO, Troy Cooper. “The compute scalability, the analytics software environment, and sheer horsepower are critical to enable the Stargate Imaging solution.”

The Vanguard Stargate Imaging solution is designed to be deployed at ports of entry with a high volume of goods in transshipment. A Cray XC system will support each Stargate Imaging security scanner in the field, as well as serve as the data and analytics processing engine in centralized data centers. Vanguard plans to have their first Stargate Imaging systems deployed in Q4 2019.

“We are excited about the potential of Vanguard’s Stargate Imaging security solution,” said Frederick Kohout, senior vice president and CMO at Cray. “It is a great example of a new class of applications in the digital era that surpass the capability of traditional enterprise server infrastructure and require the largescale data processing and data movement Cray systems are built to handle.”

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