Flexera, MachineShop Team for Better Management and Monetization of IoT Offerings and Edge Devices

December 13, 2018

Flexera’s taking its Software Monetization technology to the edge and recently launched FlexNet Edge. The smart edge server enables entitlement-driven software and firmware updates for Internet connected and disconnected software and devices. Flexera’s enhanced offering empowers IoT companies and intelligent device manufacturers to implement their digital business models, making automated updates and better control of edge devices part of their IoT management and monetization processes.

As part of Flexera’s strategy to further enable IoT monetization and management, the company announced a technology alliance with MachineShop. Flexera will leverage MachineShop’s extensive knowledge and industry experience related to smart edge computing.

MachineShop’s Device Relationship Management™ software offering helps organizations with the complete lifecycle management of connected, smart products – onboarding, configuring, monitoring, management, decommissioning. A key element of the solution is a rich orchestration capability. “MachineShop is honored to partner with Flexera, who’s helping product vendors create and monetize the value of smart services,” said Michael Campbell, President and CEO at MachineShop. “The relationship reinforces our strategy of supporting clear market leaders that deliver solutions to large market challenges.”

“Flexera’s committed to delivering complete solutions for IoT monetization and management to its customers with technology that extends from computing at the edge of the enterprise to the cloud,” said Matthew Dunkley, Senior Director of Product Management at Flexera. “We’re happy to be working with an innovator such as MachineShop to improve our approach to edge device management and deliver Software Monetization technology to some of the world’s most important OEMs.”

According to Harbor Research, while most “product-centric” businesses are now embracing the concept of growth creating services, many aren’t developing new business models or investing in new digital systems to realize true strategic potential and value. As organizations embrace the value of connected products and smart services, they must invest in balanced and distributed computing architectures – with capabilities at the edge and the cloud. In many cases, powerful business logic and domain expertise is delivered via cloud platforms that now can reach devices at the very edge of the enterprise. These hybrid solutions allow businesses, employees, customers and partners to deliver and monetize extraordinary value that wasn’t possible before.

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