Lentiq EdgeLake Debuts

February 11, 2019

The need for data lakes that can facilitate the decentralized and agile requirements of a data-driven company is greater than ever. The first generation data lakes which featured a centralized, unified data repository came with the promise of wider data availability, improved analytics, and more efficient data throughput. Unfortunately, they are failing to meet the needs of most businesses.

A recent Forbes article identifies the problems many organizations are seeing with data lakes, noting that due to a few misunderstandings about the role of data lakes and the technology involved in traditional data lake implementations, many are falling short. To satisfy the diverse needs of an enterprise, many data lakes become overly centralized, overly complex, lacking a specific organizational purpose and end up not meeting the particular needs of individual departments and business units.

Lentiq introduced a new technology: EdgeLake, and an initiative to better educate the market about the potential of the next generation of data lakes. EdgeLake offers a multi-cloud, production-scale Data Lake as a Service for increased flexibility, collaboration, and analytics. The Lentiq EdgeLake has a free tier of service for organizations and individuals.

“At Lentiq, we believe companies can achieve transformative innovation by taking a human-centric machine learning approach to data projects,” said Lucas Roh, CEO of Lentiq, “our data pools allow organizations to unify departments through data and knowledge sharing mechanisms.”

“Data Pools” are micro-data lakes that offer everything a data scientist or data engineer needs while maintaining the ability to operate independently of the overall data lake. This creates flexibility that allows each department to have the tools needed for their use cases and access to the data they need while still keeping data communication strong across the entire organization.

By building EdgeLake into a Data Lake as a Service, Lentiq can offer ready to use data lakes in less than 10 minutes, intelligent resource management for reduced infrastructure costs and self-service monitoring, fine-tuning, and self-healing features for reduced operations costs.

“Lentiq’s new Data Pools and EdgeLake architecture have changed the data analytics landscape in one comprehensive strike. The Data Lake has come of age in Lentiq’s new Data Pool and EdgeLake by converging the best of data architecture, data curation, data sharing, data science modeling, analytics delivery, and production-level capabilities into a single user-driven, use case-configurable, flexible, agile platform for innovation,” said Kirk Borne, Ph.D., Principal Data Scientist, Executive Advisor, Global Speaker and top Industry Influencer.

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