HealthSteps, AMA Team for Data Model Supporting Integrated Health Model Initiative

February 11, 2019

HealthSteps has started a collaboration with the American Medical Association’s Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) at the annual Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference being held in Orlando, Florida. IHMI brings together experts from the health and technology sectors to develop new data models and tools for collecting, exchanging and presenting meaningful health data that provide insights for better health.

“IHMI is a collaborative effort that works with highly motivated organizations at the intersection of health care, technology, and data science,” said IHMI Chief Medical Information Officer Tom Giannulli, M.D., M.S. “We are fortunate to have HealthSteps contribute their valuable expertise to setting a clear path for developing modern data models that keep pace with the speed of health care innovation.”

Data models developed through the IHMI collaboration serve as a clinically validated data portability standard used by devices to define what data to collect, select how to represent the collected data, and determine how to encode the data for easy transmission, exchange and retrieval.

HealthSteps is among the first technology companies to integrate content from IHMI’s newly announced Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) data model, which improves the ability to distinguish clinically valid blood pressure readings from inaccurate measures, for improved identification of patients at risk of hypertension. IHMI’s SMBP data model is the first release from the initiative and will offer Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for easy integration directly into solutions. IHMI will also offer freely available SMBP FHIR profiles.

"Development of a common data structure with AMA's IHMI data models is a giant leap forward for healthcare,” says HealthSteps CEO Benjamin King. "We are excited to work with the AMA IHMI and its collaborator community to advance this first release, and further the deployment of this technology to improve care for millions of patients."

HealthSteps is an emerging, mobile health company that has developed a unique mobile application that places patients at the center of their own care. The synchronized care plan provides patients simple, detailed instructions with activity reminders and the ability to report their symptoms, all while connecting the medical team, family members and other caregivers to help patients stay on track and improve health outcomes.

The HealthSteps platform allows physicians to follow a patient's progress and capture key health data from wearables and bio-sensing devices. This gives physicians access to the data in real-time so they can adjust care plan activities as needed without having to wait for the patient’s next clinic visit.

HealthSteps is a resident company of UF Innovate | The Hub, part of the University of Florida innovation ecosystem, and is an excellent example of UF Innovate’s mission to build business on innovation. The Hub is a mixed-use business incubator that offers an entrepreneurial and mentoring community with programs to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurial innovation.

“The progress of HealthSteps illustrates how UF Innovate | The Hub helps our resident companies accelerate their business trajectory to meet important milestones, including expansive collaborations that result in mutual growth and success," said Mark Long, Director of Incubation Services at UF Innovate | The Hub.

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