BigID, Immuta Partner for Privacy Centric Data Science

February 25, 2019

BigID and Immuta have partnered to deliver an integrated solution for the automation of privacy-centric data science initiatives. The partnership leverages BigID’s platform to inventory, map and index personal data with Immuta’s dynamic policy enforcement capabilities, enabling enterprises to seamlessly integrate policies for compliance with data privacy regulations into their data science operations.

Many organizations find themselves at a crossroads as they look to embrace data-driven business strategies: data scientists are tasked with maximizing the value of advanced analytics, while contending with new requirements for accountability and transparency in accordance with data privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The BigID and Immuta partnership is driven by the market need to balance the objectives of deriving business value from data analytics, while ensuring that data access and privacy policies are consistent with urgent privacy concerns.

The BigID platform allows organizations to discover, inventory and index personal information by data subject, residence and sensitivity without data copying across the enterprise infrastructure. In turn, the Immuta data control plane leverages BigID’s data intelligence to natively enforce rules on data to comply with any regulation.

The Immuta platform takes the business metadata identified by BigID and allows the customer to automatically enforce role-based, attribute-based and purpose-based controls on it.

How Customers Will Benefit

Organizations taking advantage of the partnership will be able to:

Natively enforce rules on data to comply with any regulation;

Apply data privacy and anonymization policies such as differential privacy, purpose-based restrictions and minimization based on BigID classifications to enforce rules;

Service ad hoc data queries using any business intelligence tool;

Provide users with different levels of access to improve the ability to collaborate on model development and analysis while preserving data protection; and

Dynamically change policies as BigID updates metadata based on discovery output.

“Before modern organizations can even think about protecting data to avoid regulatory repercussion or utilizing their most important asset for advanced analytics, they must gain complete understanding of the oil running the engine,” said Dimitri Sirota, co-founder and CEO of BigID. “BigID provides customers with data-driven insight into whose data they have, where it resides and how it’s being used, which provides the basis for defining and enforcing privacy policy in the context of data science initiatives at scale.”

“We are steadfast in our mission to provide the simplest, most efficient means of safely operationalizing data for advanced analytics,” said Matthew Carroll, co-founder and CEO of Immuta. “Immuta enables self-service to data through trust. Our platform allows organizations to scale their governance capabilities, which unlocks data to the masses.”

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