DDN Storage, SQream Partner Up

March 1, 2019

DataDirect Networks and SQream have made a solution that provides users with unparalleled ease of deployment for massive data warehouse analytics. Based on DDN’s A³I® reference architecture and SQream DB, the solution enables end users to efficiently optimize the performance of advanced business queries without facing complexity at-scale.

To share more details behind the solution, DDN, SQream, and analyst firm 451 Research will be hosting a webinar, “Accelerating Analytics at Scale for Higher Quality Business Decisions,” on Thursday, March 7, 2019, at 9:00 am PST. The webinar is free and is tailored to educate end users and value-added resellers about the importance of infrastructure in supporting ever-increasing data sets. Registration is now open, and interested parties can reserve their virtual seat on the event web page via this link:

Enterprises worldwide are beginning to understand the challenge of effectively analyzing their ever-expanding data stores. For many of these users, the massive amount of data has outgrown the capabilities of traditional data warehouses. To maximize the proficiency of their data, and scientists and analysts, enterprises must look to new architectures that allow them to quickly and directly access, analyze and extract value from the data sets.

DDN’s A³I reference architecture includes all the infrastructure needed for a turnkey, GPU-accelerated analytics system. Comprised of DDN’s AI200® NVMe-based storage system, the NVIDIA® DGX-1™ Deep Learning Server, and its switching infrastructure, the A³I solution uses the power of parallelism to fully unlock the potential found in SQream DB. The combined solution allows companies to analyze more data faster and at significantly lower cost than traditional data warehouses.

“Our customers are continually finding new ways to leverage analytics to bring new insights to operational and strategic use cases,” said Kurt Kuckein, senior director of marketing at DDN. “By partnering with SQream, we are fundamentally changing how businesses are able to leverage their data to create value.”

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