Emerge, Kuebix Partner Up

May 02, 2019

Kuebix and Emerge  noted the addition of Emerge Marketplace to Kuebix Community Load Match. Now Kuebix users can get additional truckload capacity through Emerge’s massive carrier marketplace. With Kuebix TMS, shippers can access all their contracted rates and the truckload spot market, all in one easy-to-use system.

Kuebix TMS is an Enterprise-class transportation management system (TMS) for the masses that supports all modes of shipping. In addition to core functionality like rating, booking, tracking and analytics, the TMS acts as a supply chain operating system that delivers new value-added services to the community. Shippers can access the Emerge Private Freight Marketplace (PFM) to solve their capacity crunch problems by finding additional truckload assets at attractive market rates and service levels.

“We’re pleased to connect the Kuebix shipping community with Emerge’s massive network of brokers and direct carrier assets,” said Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and President. “Kuebix is uniquely providing our customers access to their contracted rates alongside a digital spot marketplace for additional truckload capacity, all in one convenient system. Now members of the Kuebix community get the best of both worlds to find the most efficient rates and the capacity they require to meet their shipping needs.”

When a shipper is in need of additional truckload capacity or looking for more rate options, they can post their shipment to Community Load Match and begin receiving spot quotes. Through this new partnership, Emerge’s extensive broker and direct carrier asset connections are now accessible so that users can easily have their freight digitally matched with available assets. Customers gain access to this capacity without having to onboard each individual carrier and manage separate invoicing. All of this is handled as a one-stop-shop through Emerge and Kuebix.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Kuebix Team on this joint venture. We saw and felt an immediate fit both from a strategic and cultural standpoint. Our partnership will allow more users access to our innovative Private Freight Marketplace, ensuring competitive real-time market rates while also expanding a shipper’s trusted network,” said Grant Crawford, Emerge President. “Together Kuebix and Emerge can provide shippers a one-stop-shop for multiple modes while also assisting to reduce their total freight costs.”

This new partnership increases transparency between contracted rates and the truckload spot market all in one easy to use system. Emerge handles all settlements and claims and does not require the Kuebix user to onboard new carriers when an Emerge rate is booked through Community Load Match. Shippers can now leverage more available truckload capacity without needing to pick up the phone or visit dozens of carrier websites, helping to reduce their overall freight spend.

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