Logi Predict 3.0 Debuts

May 20, 2019

Logi Predict 3.0 is now using the Prophet algorithm to account and adjust for seasonality, producing more accurate predictive insights. Logi Predict is designed to be embedded inside mission-critical applications, so application teams empower users with predictive insights to make better decisions and take corrective actions that improve business performance.

“Without coding, product managers and developers can easily embed machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into their applications, creating smarter software that reduces customer churn, detects fraudulent activities, targets customers with effective promotions, reduces machine downtime, and provides reliable sales forecasts,” said Brian Brinkmann, Vice President of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics. “Logi Predict provides an embeddable solution that scales alongside your application, and it can be deployed five times faster than building something yourself.”

“Using the Time Series model in Logi Predict, we were able to forecast our 12-month premium estimates with only a few clicks and in a few minutes,” says Blake Ryner from Merchants Bonding Company. “This gives us much better visibility when planning to see if we are on pace with our business goals.”

“Anyone who has tried to build time series forecasting knows that it is no easy feat,” said Sriram Parthasarathy, Senior Director, Product Architecture, Logi Analytics. “The step-by-step model creation in Logi Predict makes it easy for product managers and developers to quickly create multiple models and determine which ones produce the best results.”

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