Mendix Unveils Native Integration with SAP HANA

April 18, 2019

Mendix started a strategic partnership with SAP and as part of its Spring ’19 Release, general availability of a native integration with SAP HANA. Mendix applications can now be deployed using SAP HANA as the primary database, taking full advantage of unprecedented performance, security, and real-time data analytics. The new offering brings together the power of SAP’s intelligent enterprise and the speed of low-code application development using a single database strategy.

“Given the transformative role SAP HANA holds for organizations seeking to activate the intelligent enterprise, we wanted a best-of-breed extension solution that would accelerate application development for business-critical needs,” said Tom Roberts, global vice president, SAP solution extensions. “We know the time and resources of IT departments are stretched thin, making it hard to tackle the backlog of application requests. That’s why the ability to use Mendix to build enterprise-grade, complex applications covering a range of business use cases will be a game-changer.”

Mendix Support for SAP HANA Enables Outcome-Driven Innovation
SAP HANA is optimized for high-volume, high-ingestion workloads. Integrating Mendix custom-built applications with one of the fastest data platforms available will support a range of strategic objectives for the enterprise and core business practices.

The benefits include:

Performance Gains: Applications with large data footprints will benefit directly from the highly scalable in-memory technology of SAP HANA. In addition, enterprises tasked with deploying dozens or more Mendix applications will find the resource sharing enabled by the cloud service orchestration of SAP HANA to be highly productive and cost-effective compared with supporting siloed databases.

Analytics Capabilities to Deliver Smarter Apps: With newly created application data residing directly on SAP HANA, organizations can use the SAP HANA Data Management Suite for fast, real-time analytics processing. The combination of Mendix’s fast, customizable applications leveraging SAP intelligent services with the processing power of SAP HANA will greatly enable those long-sought gains of data-driven insights, and data mining for actionable business intelligence.

The Power of SAP HANA for All: Developers and business experts are not required to learn the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model to take full advantage of its powerful capabilities. The Mendix platform opens up the power of the low-code community to the SAP application ecosystem, empowering cross-functional teams to collaborate and build applications that solve business needs quickly.

Mendix Empowers the Agile, Responsive Enterprise
SAP resells the Mendix platform as SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix (an SAP Solution Extension), further recognizing Mendix’s leadership in the low-code space, which includes recent accolades from Gartner “Magic Quadrant” and Forrester “Wave” analysts.

“We are gratified to see more large-scale enterprises embracing this elegant, intuitive solution to undertake business transformation with the help of applications,” said Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix. “We are at an inflection point where researchers predict that the business need for multichannel applications has grown tremendously in the last four years. Low-code is democratizing the process of application development and the Mendix SAP partnership combines the enterprise’s need for unlimited scalability, collaboration, and innovation with enhanced governance standards and control. Mendix’s support for SAP HANA will enable organizations to grow faster, reinvent themselves, and add something new to the market.”

Mendix Spring ’19 Release
Mendix Spring ’19 Release is a major update to the company’s pioneering low-code platform, ramping up the platform’s power and capabilities, enabling enterprises to catalyze their digital innovation agendas and advance their initiatives to bring the digital and physical worlds together. With this release, Mendix is launching a new and powerful “maker movement” to drive the digital future — dramatically expanding the universe of application “makers,” furthering the platform’s leadership in supporting enterprise-scale applications, and leveraging smart technology, in both the creation of applications and their capabilities.

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