Revulytics Enhances Usage Intelligence Platform with Interactive Path Analytics

April 23, 2019

Revulytics introduced User Flow reporting in its Usage Intelligence platform. The new path analytics visualization enables product teams to interactively discover and explore user intent and behavior, and is automatically enabled for all events they are tracking.

Revulytics Usage Intelligence, an easy-to-integrate product usage analytics and in-application messaging platform, is now even more powerful for improving user experience and workflows. User Flow reporting gives product teams an interactive visualization of the paths users are taking through an application. The ability to add filters and create cohorts lets product teams drill down and focus their exploration of why users are taking specific actions so they can improve user experience and usability.

“Our first experience with the new User Flow report was really eye-opening. The fact that we could immediately visualize the events we’re already tracking made it easy to start exploring user behavior right away,” said Michael Rayman, Senior Design Engineer at Keithley, a Tektronix Company. “It’s really intuitive and it’s great being able to filter out the stuff you don't want to look at and showcase the things that originate from specific nodes – and then continue drilling down and refining it. The way it surfaces paths through the application that we wouldn't expect opens up a lot of possibilities for analysis that will help us make our products even easier to use.”

Product teams can easily choose the path direction to analyze the actions that start with or end with a particular event, or take a wider view and explore the actions that both precede and follow a specific hotspot event. The ability to highlight a unique path (and fade others) makes it easier to focus on the crucial paths while hiding any noise. This ability is further enhanced by providing further drill down options at every node level.

“It’s been really rewarding sharing the new User Flow report with customers,” said Keith Fenech, Vice President, Software Analytics at Revulytics. “There’s a genuine sense of excitement and discovery as product teams begin exploring their existing data with these new visualizations. We’re getting great feedback on the level of interactivity that allows product teams to easily explore their users’ journeys from a high level and drill down into the specifics whenever needed.”

Key benefits of User Flow reporting include:

Automatically enabled for all events Usage Intelligence is already tracking

Verify that users are taking the optimal path through a workflow to improve feature usage guidance and education

Identify if users are taking different paths through workflows to improve User Interface design and User Experience

Visually navigate through paths to quickly see event usage patterns

Filter reports to view paths taken by users matching specific criteria

Exclude noise events such as system generated events that are not user-initiated for cleaner user paths

Track the path users take from ReachOut In-Application messages through your software to measure campaign effectiveness

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