Crosscode Upgrades Panoptics Virtual Appliance

May 6, 2019

Crosscode released Panoptics Virtual Appliance available on all popular clouds and for On-Premise deployments. With its virtual Appliance offering Crosscode has reached a significant milestone in deploying Panoptics in any enterprise environment including on-prem. For security conscious customers, the On-Prem Panoptics capability can be deployed on dedicated hardware within Azure, AWS and other Cloud environments to achieve physical separation of customer data from other tenants.

Panoptics enables large organizations to make faster business changes. Panoptics analyzes the impact of any change at the code level across all applications and databases in the organization. Panoptics eliminates 50% to 70% of the time and cost of identifying and analyzing the impact of business changes.

Panoptics Features

Crosscode Panoptics provides the following features to help customers increase the quality of their software development

  • Discovery-Panoptics automatically discovers all the applications running in a customer's environment and creates an enterprise-wide map of your IT applications at the code level.
  • Understand-Panoptics uses static and dynamic analysis techniques to identify security issues in your environment. Both in the custom code as well as third-party components. 
  • Change -With its code-level dependency maps, Panoptics enables organizations to make changes with confidence. The deep dependency maps created by Panoptics enables customers to optimize their estimation and testing efforts.
  • Govern-Panoptics' Governance Operating System (GOeS) allows customers to create notification rules at any level . them to monitor changes being performed in the runtime environment.
  • Audit-Panoptics' Audit feature identifies all changes in the runtime environment and brings them together in a chronological fashion allowing anyone with a browser to access it with two clicks. 

When asked the value of Panoptics in the cloud-based environment, Adi Sharma, CE, and founder of Crosscode responded, "Panoptics software can save 40-60% of time and cost during the analysis of change and allow rapid development of innovation with minimal risk."

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