OpenEBS Becomes CNCF Sandbox Project

May 20, 2019

MayaData's OpenEBS has been accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a Cloud Native Sandbox Project. OpenEBS is the leading open source Container Attached Storage software and has become a frequent part of many Kubernetes deployments since its first release in early 2017.

Users of OpenEBS include Adobe, Cisco, IBM, NuoDB, ActivEngage, Streetline, and thousands of others. The global systems integrator Wirpo announced a multi-cloud management solution based in part on MayaData OpenEBS Enterprise as well as RedHat OpenShift earlier this month.

Additionally, OpenEBS 0.9 has been released, adding capabilities to further address common use cases such as:

•Data protection and migration: On a per-workload basis move, back-up, and restore workloads; this capability supports a variety of use cases including multi-cloud management and is called DMaaS or data migration as a service.

•Performance enhancements: Accelerate volume performance while running on high-performance local disks as well as a number of performance tuning enhancements.

•vSphere and vMotion support: OpenEBS 0.9 is often run on VMware vSphere and is now resilient even in the case of vMotion of underlying servers.

•OpenEBS at the edge and far-edge: The low footprint, Kubernetes native OpenEBS is increasingly being selected for the management of stateful workloads at the edge and far-edge of IoT, telco and other networks. OpenEBS 0.9 adds support for Arm64 builds and other enhancements requested by telco users.

Other highlights of OpenEBS 0.9 include support for the secure Linux OS SELinux, rolling upgrades for OpenEBS, and countless incremental improvements to resilience including faster rebuilds of underlying replicas and more.

Please learn more about OpenEBS 0.9 and plans to release 1.0 shortly in this blog from Chief Architect Kiran Mova here.

MayaData also announced that Frank Slootman, whose experience includes building DataDomain into a category-defining storage solution and public company before and leading ServiceNow (NOW) through its initial public offering and several years of rapid growth, and currently CEO of Snowflake, has joined as an advisor and investor.

Evan Powell, CEO of MayaData said: "I'd like to thank the OpenEBS community for their feedback and support as we've sought to address the real needs of teams wanting to run stateful workloads with more agility, resilience, cost savings and freedom from cloud and storage lock-in; I'd especially like to thank the CNCF for their attempts to build a vendor-neutral community where cloud native approaches can flourish. I'm especially happy to welcome Frank who is helping our team grow MayaData into the kind of company that the enormous opportunity we are addressing deserves."

Lastly, OpenEBS and MayaData have updated a number of partnerships recently including AWS, GitLab, RedHat OpenShift (OpenEBS is the only container attached storage software fully certified), Wipro, Rancher, NuoDB and others.

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