AB InBev Digitally Transforms Front Office

March 11, 2019

Accenture has been helping Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the world’s largest brewer, increase the efficiency of its trade promotions in Europe through the implementation of the cloud-based Accenture Trade Promotion (TPM) solution.

The implementation is part of AB InBev’s digital front-office transformation program, under which the company seeks to improve the effectiveness of its significant promotional trade spend by replacing a patchwork of processes, systems and tools across Europe with a single consolidated system that will enable the company to more effectively manage its trade-promotion spend.

Built on the Salesforce Customer Success platform, the Accenture TPM Solution gives teams more visibility into and control of their trade spend, enabling better-informed decision making, improved forecasting accuracy and more-effective trade promotions ? ultimately leading to help increase sales volume, stronger customer relationships and reduced spend.

Before the implementation of Accenture TPM, AB InBev lacked a consolidated view of its trade-promotion activities across Europe, with different types of systems for each of its operations ? often even within the same country. As a result, aggregating the data necessary to assess the effectiveness of specific promotions often took several weeks. With Accenture TPM, AB InBev can now pull reports in near real-time, enabling the company to react immediately to any identified gaps in its promotion efforts.

The solution is helping AB InBev fundamentally transform the way it engages with customers, giving the company greater agility to adapt to the market, capture value and deliver benefits to customers and consumers quickly.

Among the benefits the new system provides AB InBev with are:

Centralized information, guidelines and evaluation;

Timely feedback and reporting;

The ability to compare performance across countries using common key performance indicators;

The ability to react quickly to market conditions and improve customer-service levels; and

More time to spend with customers, thanks to automated processes.

Accenture and AB InBev began working on the first phase of the solution, which focused on promotion planning, last May, and the system went live in France and Belgium just six months later in November 2018. For the second phase, expected to go live at the end of May 2019, the companies will expand the rollout to the Netherlands and add payment-planning capabilities. Ultimately, AB InBev plans to roll out the system to its operations across more than 10 countries in Europe.

“With Accenture’s help, we’re already beginning to reap the benefits derived from much greater visibility into our marketing programs,” said Vitaliy Potlatov, Director of Digital Transformation at AB InBev. “By focusing our trade spend on the promotions that are most effective, we can ensure that we’re getting a better return on our investment, which will help us accelerate top-line growth. We look forward to achieving even greater results as we continue to roll out the program throughout our other European operations.”

Duncan Knight, a managing director in Accenture’s Consumer Goods & Services practice, said, “AB InBev understands that in today’s digitally disruptive environment, consumers’ needs and expectations are evolving constantly. By gaining real-time visibility into the effectiveness of its trade promotions, AB InBev will be able to quickly take the actions necessary to achieve relevance at scale and ensure its continued success.”

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