EANTC, 19 Vendors Conduct Successful 5G Transport Tests

April 18, 2019.

EANTC AG, the European Advanced Networking Test Center published the results of the latest massive multi-vendor interoperability test with 174 successful test combinations involving 68 device types from 19 vendors. The results were showcased live at Upperside’s MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress in Paris, depicting the latest round of the renowned multi-vendor interoperability event series.

ADVA Optical Networking, Arista Networks, BISDN GmbH, Calnex Solutions, Cisco, Delta Electronics, ECI Telecom, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Intracom Telecom, IP Infusion, Ixia, a Keysight business, Juniper Networks, Meinberg, Microsemi, a Microchip company, Nokia, Seiko Solutions, Spirent Communications, and ZTE Corporation jointly executed extensive tests during a two-week hot-staging at EANTC’s lab in Berlin, Germany, in March.

The multi-vendor event focuses on the interoperability of the full range of next-generation wide-area transport solutions, network management and clock synchronization:

• Ethernet VPN (EVPN) • Segment Routing (SPRING)

• SDN Controllers using Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP)

• SDN Controllers using BGP with Segment Routing programmed SR-TE tunnels

• Precision Time Protocol (PTP) interoperability and performance (ready for 5G)

• NETCONF and common Yang models

• Integration of Microwave equipment with MPLS

“SDN solutions for the wide-area network and datacenter are becoming mature and widely interoperable. This year, we have seen more vendors supporting the full suite of SDN-WAN protocols and more successful test combinations than ever before,” said Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director, EANTC. “5G services support is being enhanced in the transport network, as the SDN service diversity, telemetry, and manageability, high-precision clock synchronization, and the integration of microwave backhaul with SDN have improved since last year’s event. The EANTC team highly appreciates the outstanding commitment of all participating manufacturers to standards-based solutions and independent, transparent interoperability verification.”

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