Clubhouse, Sentry Reinforce Partnership

April 24, 2019

Clubhouse is now an exclusive Sentry integration partner. Clubhouse’s integration lets developers connect Sentry Issues to Clubhouse Stories so that errors, features and anything else developers track in Clubhouse can now live side by side, helping developers get things done faster. This is the newest integration Clubhouse has released; other integrations include GitLab, Bitbucket and Slack Actions.

Sentry has more than 30,000 companies and more than a million users who fix more than 40 billion errors each month. In addition to its cloud offerings, Sentry is fully open source and just hit 20,000 stars on GitHub.

Errors are a key issue faced by every single software development team. Sentry provides detailed error monitoring and crash reporting tools so that developers can fix every error as it occurs. Sentry also provides data to help developers prioritize these errors to quickly tackle problems that are causing the most harm. The Clubhouse software development project management tool makes it easy for every person on every team to work collaboratively and fix errors faster.

“We partner with best of breed developer tools that save developers time throughout the software development lifecycle so they can spend as much of their time as possible writing their code,” said Kurt Schrader, co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse. “Sentry is a great addition to our integration stack that will help the thousands of teams on our platform prioritize and fix bugs faster.”

"Over a million developers rely on Sentry—so it's important that we seamlessly integrate with those developers' existing workflows," said David Cramer, CEO of Sentry. "We're excited to have Clubhouse as a highly valued launch partner on our new platform. Beyond the core project management featureset, this new integration allows organizations to install once–instead of installing individually for each project—saving time and reducing pain for teams who may have a large number of projects in Sentry."

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