September 7, 2020

By Warner Music Group Team

We are writing to let you know that a cybersecurity incident involving a number of e-commerce websites operated by Warner Music Group (WMG) through an external service provider may have allowed an unauthorized third party to acquire a copy of personal information you entered into those websites.

We want to emphasize at the outset that keeping personal information safe and secure is very important to us, and we deeply regret that this incident has occurred.


On August 5, 2020, we learned that an unauthorized third party had compromised a number of US-based e-commerce websites WMG operates but that are hosted and supported by an external service provider. This allowed the unauthorized third party to potentially acquire a copy of the personal information you entered into one or more of the affected website(s) between April 25, 2020 and August 5, 2020.

While we cannot definitively confirm that your personal information was affected, it is possible that it might have been as your transaction(s) occurred during the period of compromise. If it was, this might have exposed you to a risk of fraudulent transactions being carried out using your details.


Any personal information you entered into one or more of the affected website(s) between April 25, 2020 and August 5, 2020 after placing an item in your shopping cart was potentially acquired by the unauthorized third party. This could have included your name, email address, telephone number, billing address, shipping address, and payment card details (card number, CVC/CVV and expiration date).

Payments made through PayPal were not affected by this incident. WHAT WE ARE DOING Upon discovering the incident we immediately launched a thorough forensic investigation with the assistance of leading outside cybersecurity experts and promptly took steps to address and correct the issue. We also notified the relevant credit card providers as well as law enforcement, with whom we continue to cooperate. To protect you further, we are offering identity monitoring services through Kroll for 12 months, free of charge. You can find further details below on how to sign up.


We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the identity monitoring services we are offering and to remain vigilant for any unauthorized use of your payment cards or suspicious email communications, particularly those purporting to come from Warner Music Group or any WMG-related websites.

If you identify any potentially suspicious transactions or other indications of identity theft, you should contact the relevant bank or card provider as soon as possible. Please also find enclosed additional steps that you can take to protect yourself, including recommendations by the Federal Trade Commission regarding identity theft protection and details on how to place a fraud alert or a security freeze on your credit file. <> <> <> <> <> <> <>, <> <> <> <> (Format: Month Day, Year) ELN-????-???? Warner Music Group 1633 Broadway New York, NY 10019 CREDIT MONITORING

To help relieve concerns and restore confidence following this incident, we have secured the services of Kroll to provide identity monitoring at no cost to you for one year. Kroll is a global leader in risk mitigation and response, and their team has extensive experience helping people who have sustained an unintentional exposure of confidentia

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