EY Leverages Wire Platform for Encrypted Communications

May 15, 2019

EY France is leveraging Wire's platform to enhance the security of its communications both internally and with third parties.

The Wire by EY secure collaboration platform is the first privately hosted, secure and truly end-to-end-encrypted collaboration platform of its kind in the world. The platform will enable employees, and trusted third parties such as EY clients, to exchange messages, calls, conference calls, group chats and to share files, through a single app available on mobile and desktop devices.

The Wire by EY application is hosted on EY France’s private cloud infrastructure located in France and offers an extremely secure environment. Specific security features will include peer-to-peer encrypted messaging, encryption keys that change with each individual message and no central access to encryption keys, in order to create a truly trusted environment.

In the face of rising geopolitical tensions and cyber threats, the agreement marks a watershed moment in the approach taken by large, multinational organisations to communication and collaboration. Wire by EY signals another move away from email and less robust workplace collaboration platforms, to proactively safeguard the security and privacy of a company's communications, whilst also reaping the productivity rewards of modern collaboration technologies.

Commenting on the agreement with Wire, EY France Chief Digital Officer Yannick de Kerhor said: “We chose Wire to develop a self-hosted, secure collaboration and communication platform primarily because it offers the most secure end-to-end-encryption on the market without compromising user experience. Wire’s technology also allows EY to privately host the platform on our own private cloud in France. With this initiative we are moving first and fast in our industry, taking all means of communication around confidential data and projects to a new industry level of security”.

Commenting on the agreement with EY, Wire CEO Morten Brøgger said: “We are proud to be working with EY to deliver a secure collaboration environment for its communication both internally and with third parties. We believe EY’s proactivity will be a wake-up call to public and private organisations around the world who are considering how best to address the rising tide of cyber threats.”

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