Defiant Tech, LeakedSource Operator Enters Guilty Plea

May 21, 2019

A guilty plea was entered in court by Defiant Tech, to the charges of Trafficking In Identity Information and Possession of Property Obtained By Crime a year and a half after charges were laid into the RCMP's cybercrime investigation dubbed Project "Adoration".

This investigation began in 2016 when the RCMP learned that the website was being hosted by servers located in Quebec. had a database of approximately three billion personal identity records and associated passwords that could be purchased for a small fee. Defiant Tech Inc. was operating the website and the company earned approximately $247,000 from trafficking identity information.

Superintendent Mike Maclean, Officer in Charge Criminal Operations of the RCMP National Division said, "We are pleased with this latest development. This is all thanks to the relentless efforts put by our men and women working in the National Division Cybercrime Investigative Team. I am immensely proud of this outcome as combatting cybercrime is an operational priority for us."

This case highlights the importance of international partnerships, which are key to solving crimes that are becoming increasingly transnational. The Dutch National Police's and the FBI's assistance on Project "Adoration" was essential to the investigation.

The National Division Cybercrime Investigative Team was created in 2016 and has successfully conducted several investigations in collaboration with international partners, local law enforcement and federal government agencies.

The RCMP is determined to fight cybercrime in all its forms, wherever it takes place. We are actively pursuing efforts to prevent, detect and deter any illegal activity that threatens Canada's integrity and reputation. The public is encouraged to remain vigilant when using the Internet and to report information on illegal activities to the RCMP.

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