Paperspace Intros Free GPU Cloud Service For ML Developers

October 15, 2019

Paperspace introduced "Gradient Community Notebooks", a free cloud GPU service based on Jupyter notebooks designed for machine learning and deep learning development. Now, any developer working with popular deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV, can launch and collaborate on their ML projects. The new solution provides easy-to-use templates pre-loaded with all of the various different libraries, dependencies, and drivers. Similar to a GitHub repo, Gradient Community Notebooks can easily be shared and forked into a user's own account.

"GPUs are essential to ML development, yet the services available today are complex and prohibitively expensive for many developers," said Dillon Erb, CEO & Co-founder, Paperspace. "This is precisely why we created Gradient Community: to make GPU and ML development resources widely accessible and easy to deploy. Our focus on empowering developers with cutting-edge technology, and a means to collaborate, supports our mission to help every developer become an AI developer."

Benefits and features of Gradient Community Notebooks include:

1.Free GPUs (and CPU) backed notebooks;

2.New Jupyter-based collaborative environment ;

3.Access to popular libraries, prebuilt models, and a project showcase;

4.Users can create a public profile page to share their bio and the work they're interested in.

With Gradient Community Notebooks, users can get started from scratch with a new notebook or leverage pre-configured projects from the Gradient ML-Showcase, a curated list of machine learning examples.

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