OMG to Develop AI Standards

October 24, 2019

The Object Management Group has begun work to define Artificial Intelligence (AI) standards to accelerate and improve the creation of useful AI applications. Its newly chartered Artificial Intelligence Platform Task Force (AIPTF) will promote the adoption of specifications that standardize foundational capabilities of artificial intelligence. Among the goals of the AIPTF is freeing AI technology suppliers as well as end users from interoperability and interchange limitations with respect to models, languages and data, and to enable them to focus instead on development of advanced AI applications.

As part of its AI initiative, OMG has published a whitepaper called Artificial Intelligence and OMG Standards. OMG has done seminal work in knowledge representations, ontology and robotics and is the best place for industry, academia and government to come together to define AI standards. OMG has best practices developed in the last 30 years and can easily extend its process to this new scope of work.

“When a technology area reaches a certain degree of maturity, standards enable innovation, rather than impede it,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OMG. “With defined AI standards, organizations won’t have to constantly worry about the plumbing of a system or reinvent platform techniques and tools.

“We have clear evidence from multiple sectors – finance, space, robotics, manufacturing, healthcare and others – that conflicting models, languages and data formats hinder the progress of applying AI,” continued Soley. “If AI models can’t be used together, organizations will get the wrong results.”

AI reaches into many domains, integrating new technologies such as vision recognition, analytics, machine learning for the industrial IoT and more. OMG envisions developing a roadmap for AI standards, starting with an AI Reference Model that various types of organizations, i.e., AI suppliers, AI users, government entities and so on, will adopt as it applies to them.

With proven processes and a series of foundational capabilities developed over its 30-year history, OMG is uniquely positioned to drive the AI standards development initiative, and welcomes industry, academia, government and non-profit organizations to participate. Organizations can contribute to this initiative by becoming OMG members. OMG will host a public AI Meet & Greet event on Monday, December 9 at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, CA.

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