Pickups Eyes Porch Pirates

January 6, 2020

Pickups has launched to combat package theft. Designed for the on-the-go consumer, Pickups will live in the shopping cart of millions of online stores to instantly connect shoppers with a neighbor that is conveniently located and available.

With more than 13 billion packages moving through the U.S. last year driving over $500 billion in e-commerce sales, a new industry has emerged around stealing packages left unattended in building hallways and lobbies. Today, deliveries made to empty apartments are part of what has driven the more than twenty-three million stolen packages that force consumers to have to file endless police reports and claims with their shipping carriers and retailers, without any solution in sight. With local businesses overwhelmed with deliveries and parcel lockers being limited to specific companies, Pickups offers an easy-to-use and friendly solution to limited shipping options; a trusted neighbor nearby.

At the checkout page of their favorite online store, consumers can skip the long address entry by choosing to “Ship to Pickups” and instantly gain access to a network of neighbors that can receive packages from any retailer via any shipping carrier.

Pickups is the brainchild of 23-year old Afro-Latino entrepreneur Gabriel Cepeda. “We’re peer-to-peer, but our patent-pending machine learning algorithms allow us to work behind the scenes with shipping carriers and retailers to help reduce failed delivery and package theft costs, while improving the overall customer experience.”

At a time when 53 million freelancers and remote employees in the U.S. search for ways to earn additional income, a world class support team at Pickups makes it possible to monetize extra time at home by receiving packages and getting paid for every package held. “Pickups Neighbors” as they’re called, are able to access a mobile app that, amongst a variety of features, will allow them to integrate their daily schedules, view incoming deliveries, and communicate with their online shopper to have a safe and smooth experience being a great neighbor.

“Package theft is only one piece of the puzzle. Online shopping has always been limited to shoppers having a permanent address to ship their purchases to. Imagine a platform that could enable millions of people to shop online and ship to a person’s home anywhere in the world while on the go. Traveling cross country? Backpacking europe on holiday? Pack light, order whatever you might need with two day shipping, and ship to a neighbor along the way,” said Gabriel Cepeda, Founder & CEO of Pickups Technologies. “We’re excited to lead this new industry of “On-the-Go E-commerce,” and spark a new wave of collaboration and movement within the cities of the future.”