Hero Digitally Harmonizes Supply Chain

April 6, 2020

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint shows in its case study, “Hero prepares for the future with digitally harmonized supply chain,” how it helped Hero, an international food and beverage company, to decide on its most significant investment ever in processes and systems. Hero, with multiple facilities in 19 countries and ongoing expansion plans, needed direction regarding its IT and ERP system landscapes.

BearingPoint started by focusing on Hero’s business processes and IT landscape, creating a list of the relevant processes and prioritizing them by identifying 40 value levers. Additionally, it explored five different technical scenarios to support the value levers. The five scenarios included detailed costs for multiple implementation options. BearingPoint’s Digital Factory team then demonstrated how digitalization would benefit Hero Group by creating an application prototype based on Hero’s jam products. The prototype used a QR code to provide customers with insight on important details about the farmers’ products used to make the jams so that Hero could personalize the products for one of its key markets.

“The hands-on and pragmatic approach by BearingPoint helped make the right decision about what is the biggest investment ever in processes and systems Hero will be making over the next years,” said Mark Kaelen, PHI Project Lead at Hero.

BearingPoint helped Hero gain a clear vision of the benefits of harmonized business processes supported by its ERP landscape, enabling Hero to make personalized connections with customers. Hero also has a clear understanding of its IT landscape options, associated costs, and transparency for future cost projections. Hero leadership is now equipped to meet the evolving needs of its customers while having full cost transparency for the future.

“The Hero project is a very good example for how a company successfully transforms its business with digitally harmonized systems and supply chains, preparing itself for the future,” said Matthias Görtzen, Partner at BearingPoint.

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