Bamboo Rose Upgrades Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Network for Food Retailers

April 07, 2020

Bamboo Rose, a digital platform connecting retailers, suppliers, and supply chain partners in product development and global trade management, introduced a series of integrations and data subscriptions to its Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation.

Through direct integration with the Genesis R&D nutrition analysis software from ESHA Research, and data subscriptions to three nutritional databases — ESHA Nutrition Database, Health Canada Nutrient File, and USDA FoodData Central — the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation ensures access to the most accurate and consistent ingredient information available. Specifically, the platform’s integration with Genesis R&D will aid users in auto-generating regulatory-compliant nutrition panels, quickly analyzing the nutritional content of recipes, and initiating food formulation in a virtual environment.

The Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation empowers collaboration between food retailers, suppliers, and the rest of the supply chain to support ideation, development, and delivery of private brand goods. Executing all these tasks on one virtual platform both accelerates the delivery of brand-differentiating food products to market, while also reducing regulatory risk.

“As the food industry manages shifting consumer preferences and more stringent regulations, access to consistent nutritional data becomes even more vital to food retailers and consumers,” said Kamal Anand, CTO, Bamboo Rose. “Retailers rely on highly-curated nutrition databases to ensure consistent collaboration with suppliers and adherence to market regulations in the regions they serve. Our three nutrition databases, ESHA, USDA, and Health Canada, provide our food clients with comprehensive nutritional figures while saving them time and research resources.”

The ESHA Nutrition Database subscription and ESHA’s Genesis R&D software integration provide retailers and suppliers with a recipe simulation environment that leverages over 75,000 real-time nutrition values from foundational ingredients to national brand products. Leveraging the integration, retailers can quickly understand the nutritional impact of recipe modifications, generate ingredient and allergen statements, and consistently create compliant nutrition labels.

“At ESHA, we strive to provide detailed nutritional data, regulatory support, and recipe simulation to our customers. Our partnership with Bamboo Rose allows us to extend an additional level of guidance and adherence to their clients in the food industry,” said Craig Bennett, CEO, ESHA Research.

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