Nulogy Enhances Supply Chain Rapid Contact Tracing

May 11, 2020

Nulogy expanded its cloud-based platform with Rapid Contact Tracing, a new set of capabilities for contract packagers and manufacturers to protect employee health and safety while maintaining resilient business operations.

"In the wake of COVID-19, external suppliers are required to continually evolve their operations to safeguard the health of their employees as well as the continued well-being of their businesses," says Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. "As the next progression of Nulogy's pandemic preparedness initiative, Rapid Contact Tracing allows contract packagers and manufacturers to leverage data automation to to minimize operational risk and protect business continuity."

Nulogy's Rapid Contact Tracing enables suppliers to track labor across the shop floor in real time and prepare for the potential event of a COVID-19 infection within a facility. Users are able to generate reports by shift, time period, and production line number to quickly identify and isolate areas of risk without the need to shut down an entire plant. In addition, contacts are tracked while preserving employee privacy.

With Nulogy's Rapid Contact Tracing capabilities, supply chain providers can enhance operational resilience and manage business risks by:

Rapidly identifying all the workers an infected employee might have contacted, while preserving privacy;

Isolating potentially affected areas to prevent a total plant shutdown;

Pinpointing product pallets or the batch/lot code of a job an infected employee has handled;

Serving customers with high levels of accountability for quality and safety; and

Building trust with employees and maintaining confidence as a pandemic-prepared supplier.

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