Pluribus Networks Deploys Low-Latency Network Fabric to the Kinetic Edge

May 23, 2019

Pluribus Networks has successfully deployed release 5.0 of Netvisor ONE OS and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric at multiple Vapor IO Kinetic Edge sites in Chicago, IL. The deployment validates Pluribus’ ability to connect multiple edge data center sites seamlessly, providing a controllerless distributed fabric with SDN automation and deep network slicing to support multi-tenancy and multiple edge applications.

Pluribus is a founding member of the Kinetic Edge Alliance, a coalition of leading companies bringing end-to-end edge infrastructure solutions to customers. With release 5.0 of Netvisor® ONE OS, Pluribus is delivering the next-generation fabric for the edge, distributed cloud, and 5G. Customers who deploy Netvisor ONE OS 5.0 in an edge environment can leverage the Adaptive Cloud Fabric to create an open SDN fabric with distributed intelligence, comprehensive telemetry, rich network services, and deep slicing across multiple data centers, regardless of geographic location.

As part of the initial deployment, Pluribus created alternative network slices to show the impact latency can have on application performance. A facial recognition application developed by MobiledgeX, and running on Packet bare metal servers, was distributed across two network slices. One network slice sent application data across the internet before being processed, resulting in latency of 82 milliseconds. The second slice was a low-latency path, resulting in only 13 milliseconds latency.

“As new consumer and enterprise applications proliferate at the edge to mitigate latency, they require edge networking that is agile, flexible, simple, and cost-effective,” said Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks, IDC. “Responding to that need, the Kinetic Edge Alliance encompasses a broad ecosystem of partners and integrations designed to operationalize and deliver new services at the edge, with Pluribus’ controller-less SDN fabric contributing through its automation and programmability.”

The Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric at Kinetic Edge offers the following:

•Multi-site data center unification – All nodes of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric federate into a single logical programmable entity that stretches across geo-distributed locations. Customers who deploy at the Kinetic Edge locations can now unify their network fabric from on-prem and third party colocation data centers located anywhere in the world out to Kinetic Edge colocation facilities.

•Simplified operations – The controllerless architecture of Pluribus’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric distributes intelligence and state across every switch in the network. This simplifies operations and reduces costs along with the potential for human error while increasing resiliency by ensuring no single point of failure.

•Deep network slicing – The Adaptive Cloud Fabric uniquely provides isolated data, control, and management planes across the entire fabric to support multi-tenancy and the network slicing specified for 5G environments.

•Comprehensive telemetry – The Adaptive Cloud Fabric captures all TCP flows across the fabric and store them for real-time and offline analytics using Pluribus Insight Analytics. Insight Analytics leverages embedded Netvisor monitoring telemetry and packet flow data sources to enable pervasive visibility across the network, eliminating the need for expensive probes or complex monitoring overlay networks.

•Distributed network services – The adaptive cloud fabric delivers rich layer 3 and layer 2 network services distributed to all nodes in the fabric for increased scale, improved resiliency, and simple connectivity to partners and third-party cloud providers.

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