Timescale Database Goes Live in 76 Cloud Regions

August 14, 2020

To support its global customers, Timescale Cloud is now available in 76 cloud regions across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and nearly 2,000 different CPU configurations, providing customers even more flexibility and control over their data. Organizations across industries, ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to innovative startups, rely on Timescale Cloud to analyze their mission-critical systems and business performance – and today’s enhancement will fuel even more growth and adoption.

Time-series data is everywhere: whenever organizations need to understand how and why something changes over time, they need to analyze time-stamped (or “time-series”) data. Common scenarios include application metrics and cloud infrastructure monitoring, fleet management and other Internet of Things scenarios, financial data analysis, and more.

With the near-universal adoption of cloud computing and accelerated digital transformation in every line of business, understanding how and why systems, behavior, and metrics change is increasingly critical to organizations of all sizes as they seek to forecast sales, perform capacity planning, analyze website performance degradations, and much more.

“In the past few years, time-series data has exploded as one of the fastest growing categories of data workloads. At the same time, most developers still prefer relational databases, and more and more organizations are moving to the cloud. Timescale Cloud is an industry-changing product that sits at the intersection of all these trends, and it has quickly become the leading managed service for time-series data. With this expansion to even more global regions, we continue our commitment to delivering the best possible product to developers, and we’re thrilled to continue to earn the business of forward-thinking organizations worldwide.” – Ajay Kulkarni, CEO Timescale

TimescaleDB provides the scalability and performance necessary to capture, store, and analyze relentless streams of time-series data, the analytical tools to make sense of how this data changes, and built-in features to reduce compute and storage costs by up to 94%. Additionally, since it’s based on PostgreSQL - a proven technical foundation for enterprises worldwide - organizations that choose TimescaleDB are able to leverage their existing skills, tools, and teams. Specifically, TimescaleDB customers use full SQL (ranked among the top 3 most popular programming languages) to query their data, access the wide ecosystem of PostgreSQL development and operations tools, and get the confidence that comes with standardizing on a database with over 30 years of active development and a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

Timescale Cloud - a cloud-hosted version of TimescaleDB - launched last year as the first fully-managed multi-cloud time-series database, enabling organizations to get all the benefits of TimescaleDB, with worry-free operations and the ability to grow, shrink, and migrate workloads with ease as business needs demand (see full launch announcement).

“We have over 100 million rows of data in development and production, and we needed a database that could handle this volume, while also allowing us to use our internal teams and resources. We evaluated several options, and Timescale Cloud was the clear winner: we get to use SQL and leverage tools already available in PostgreSQL, but don't have to worry about database administration or scalability. We can set it and forget, freeing up our engineers to work on optimizing our customers' experience." – Clayton Yochum, Data Science Staff Engineer at Everactive - a technology company revolutionizing Industrial IoT with batteryless sensors.

“Timescale Cloud has dramatically reduced our monitoring footprint and costs from our previous tools, with simple pricing that allows our developers to collect more custom metrics than ever before. We rely on Prometheus to collect key metrics from each environment, while Timescale aggregates and alerts on them in real-time - something most Prometheus aggregators do not guarantee - and its basis on Postgres allows us to rely on the existing, exhaustive documentation and depth of tooling for that platform. Timescale Cloud provides the uptime we need for constant monitoring, and the Timescale team has continued to be responsive to problems and questions, while simultaneously delivering new features at an incredible pace.” – Sean Sube, DevOps Engineer at When I Work - a popular SaaS platform for employee scheduling, time and attendance, hiring, and more.

“Timescale Cloud is a great place to start working with time-series data, and I strongly recommend it to developers. With Timescale Cloud, you can adjust the system to meet your needs in terms of scale and flexibility…the possibilities are endless! It is truly a cutting-edge technology that has expedited our mission of commanding the space of environmental data.” – Kshitij Purwar, CTO at Blue Sky Analytics - a startup that’s on a mission to use geospatial data to fight climate change (read more about how Blue Sky Analytics uses data to power their platform).

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