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December 21, 2020

Cloudflare Pages is the next-generation website development platform with exceptional performance, security, scalability, and pricing. Cloudflare Pages is JAMstack-compatible and offers exceptional security, scalability, pricing, and performance—up to twice as fast as other platforms. Cloudflare Pages provides developers a simpler, faster, and more collaborative way to build websites for free.

“From day one Cloudflare was built to service developers. Over the last ten years, millions of developers have counted on us for our network performance and security services. With Cloudflare Pages, we're now providing them with a scalable, fast, secure, cost-effective platform to build next-generation applications that they can deploy globally,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder & CEO of Cloudflare. “Internally, we believe it's only a matter of time before an individual developer builds a billion-dollar company on their own. We hope Cloudflare Pages will provide the building blocks to help make our belief a reality.”

Performance on the web has always been a battle against the speed of light—accessing a site from London that is served from Seattle, WA means every single asset request has to travel over seven thousand miles. Cloudflare Pages is the next breakthrough in the web performance battle, building entire sites directly onto the edge of the Internet, and closer to the end-users. With Cloudflare Pages, developers can focus on building brilliant websites rather than spending time on integrating disparate systems. Pages integrates seamlessly with GitHub to simplify the development process, to collect and integrate feedback from multiple stakeholders, and to deploy those changes quickly to the edge.

Cloudflare Pages provides a broad set of benefits to developers:

Massively Scalable: Built on Cloudflare’s global network spanning more than 200 cities in over 100 countries.
Collaborative: Pages automatically generates preview links for every commit, allowing all stakeholders to easily provide feedback. Users can add an unlimited number of collaborators for free to each project, making Pages ideal for teams of every size.

Simple Deployment: Deploy directly to Cloudflare’s edge using Git integration.

Performance: Cloudflare Pages run on Cloudflare’s edge, within 100 milliseconds of 99% of the Internet-connected population in the developed world, resulting in speeds up to twice as fast as other platforms.

Secure By Design: Build with confidence with free SSL as standard, and Cloudflare’s WAF just one click away. Cloudflare also provides support for the latest web standards with HTTP/3, QUIC, and image compression out of the box.

Cost-Effective: Cloudflare Pages has one of the industry’s best free plans, providing unlimited bandwidth, requests, and admin seats for free.

Integrated with Cloudflare Workers Platform: Developers will be able to write their own APIs through direct integration with Workers, and have access to direct storage via Workers KV and Durable Objects.

"Cloudflare Pages makes it really easy for our agency to hit deadlines to build static sites for our customers,” said Matt Weinberg, Co-Founder & President of Development & Technology at Happy Cog. “We no longer have to worry about scaling as traffic increases around launch dates. We are also very excited to see what powerful applications we can build by combining Cloudflare Pages and Workers.”

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