DevOps Institute Begins Open Testing Program for DevOps Certifications

March 30, 2020

DevOps Institute began a new Open Testing program that removes the prerequisite of leveraging formal courseware to achieve certifications from DevOps Institute's extensive portfolio. These accredited certifications focus on modern competencies and hireable skills required by today's organizations adopting DevOps.

"We still strongly believe that participation in structured and instructor-led courses through one of our accredited Global Education Partners is the best path to gaining the knowledge necessary to pass the examination and provide real-world value to your organization," said Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute. "However, we also recognize that today's Humans of DevOps may learn in many ways, from many sources, particularly under the daily constraints of the current health crisis. We, therefore, want to remove the barriers of entry to our certifications for any individual who believes they have the skills, knowledge, ideas and learning (SKIL) experience to pass the certification examinations."

Finding and attracting skilled DevOps and IT professionals remains a huge challenge in 2020, according to the Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report. Certifications empower DevOps Humans to demonstrate their accomplishments and SKILup to advance their careers and potential in the DevOps job market.

Examinations now available for Open Testing include:

For more information on DevOps Institute certifications, visit:

As part of the Open Testing program, individuals can purchase and schedule online-proctored certification examinations directly through DevOps Institute or through a participating local Global Education Partner. There are no prerequisites to take the examination. Registered exam candidates will receive a self-study guide that includes the exam requirements document, a sample exam and a glossary of terms that will enable candidates to prepare by defining the scope of the examination. The approach to DevOps Institute's Open Testing program is similar to those of other major certification programs in the market today.

Successful candidates will receive a digital badge and certificate from the DevOps Institute acknowledging their achievement.

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