Applause Releases Integrated Functional Testing Solution

May 7, 2020

Applause launched its Integrated Functional Testing solution. The new solution integrates manual and automated testing to help brands accelerate development velocity and improve digital quality. Applause is the first and only testing services company to offer this coordinated solution, as well as a single dashboard to view all results.

A balance between manual and automated testing is an essential part of any company’s testing strategy. However, test automation and manual testing often function on separate paths, leading to redundancy and a failure to maximize test coverage. Integrated Functional Testing solves this problem by combining a real-world, crowdsourced approach for manual testing with an automation framework that integrates seamlessly into enterprises’ CI/CD pipelines for increased release velocity and digital superiority.

“Integrated Functional Testing is a first for the testing industry, in that it is a holistic solution for both manual and automated testing. Unlike automation tools that are built for a singular purpose, Integrated Functional Testing gives brands insight and visibility into the complete range of testing methods, workflows and results,” said Doron Reuveni, Founder and CEO of Applause. “This holistic approach to testing and quality saves time by eliminating the burdens of working across multiple systems, and saves money by quickly and fully evaluating the risk of each release – these are benefits typical automation tools cannot offer.”

Manual and automated testing approaches are often siloed within an organization, leading to fragmented reporting and forcing teams to spend additional time and effort to gain a holistic view of quality. Applause’s Integrated Functional Testing allows clients to understand the health of each product, feature or function at any point in time.

Leading brands like Priceline are already leveraging Applause for both manual and automated testing.

“Because Priceline is a world leader in travel, our customers expect and trust us to provide an exceptional experience, where they can easily find and book great travel deals,” said Eric Goldberg, VP of Quality Assurance at Priceline. “Since we are constantly making improvements to that experience and our underlying systems, having an effective quality assurance program is essential. The new Applause integrated functional testing approach helps us accomplish this in an efficient and scalable manner.”

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