D2iQ Intros $25K "Shortcut to Success" Package

May 20, 2020

The cost-effective package of technology, training, professional services and support ensures successful Day 2 production operations for Kubernetes at a price point that makes it affordable for companies of all sizes to get started.

Organizations are more rapidly moving to the cloud to increase the agility, flexibility and scalability of their IT and business operations to support broader digital transformation initiatives. However, a successful cloud native journey requires organizations to navigate a myriad of complex decisions, from technology selections to integration challenges. The D2iQ Shortcut to Success promotion empowers organizations to take advantage of the speed and agility offered by Kubernetes and shorten the time-to-value of projects by accelerating the journey to production.

The D2iQ Shortcut to Success promotion enables organizations to more quickly achieve their cloud native objective through one of the following four paths:

Kubernetes Pilot: Enables organizations to deploy and run an enterprise-grade Kubernetes deployment with minimal time and hassle.

GitOps and Cloud Native CI/CD with Dispatch: Gives developers the cloud native CI/CD process and toolchain required for success with cloud native applications.

Data Services with KUDO: Deploy an enterprise-grade Kafka cluster leveraging the KUDO Kafka Operator to orchestrate workload-specific procedures that save time and enable a faster time-to-market.

Application Onboarding: Provides the basics of deploying, maintaining, and scaling containerized applications to Kubernetes.

"As companies look to leverage Kubernetes as a foundational platform to drive cloud native applications and services, navigating the complexities of the technology can slow or even stall projects before reaching production environments," said Will Freiberg, Co-Chief Executive Officer, D2iQ. "A successful cloud native implementation requires more than just technology. The D2iQ Shortcut to Success packages the necessary resources to reduce the time-to-market from months to days, empowering organizations to kickstart their cloud native journey to more quickly achieve successful Day 2 operations and meet the evolving needs of the virtual economy. And we've priced it to be accessible by companies and project teams of any size."

D2iQ Shortcut to Success promotion is now available here starting at $25,000.

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