DUCIT Digitizes Their Supply Chain with Zebra

December 19, 2019

DUCIT, an Argentinian delivery company that specializes in the transportation of valuable goods, selected Zebra rugged mobile computing solutions to increase worker productivity and improve real-time visibility into deliveries.

Zebra Technologies, and PartnerConnect partners Neptune and Boreal, helped DUCIT digitize their supply chain by integrating real-time information from their enterprise-class mobile devices into their SAP platform. DUCIT drivers are using Zebra’s rugged Android™-based TC56 mobile computer and L10 tablet to ensure faster and more secure deliveries at 200 locations across Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires. DUCIT’s drivers capture information regarding the transported goods including proof of delivery (PoD) in real time enabling decision makers to optimize routes and improve operational visibility.

“Zebra’s rugged field mobility solution has allowed us to increase worker productivity and improve our operational efficiency,” said Fernando Roma, CIO of DUCIT. “By gaining real-time visibility into our deliveries, we have improved the security of our client’s valuables and increased the safety of our drivers.”

DUCIT focuses on safety and aims to provide a safe environment for its workers and customers. Zebra’s rugged field mobility solution helps reduce risk for DUCIT’s drivers by providing the best routes between deliveries along with visibility throughout their trips. Zebra’s mobile solutions also allow DUCIT to significantly improve the efficiency of their operations by eliminating manual data entries - reducing the time spent on order entries.

“By customizing our software to fit its operational needs, DUCIT has automated the picking and delivery process as well as on-route operations, enabling it to become the first valuables transportation company in the market to fully digitize its supply chain,” said Jose Latorre, Neptune Sales Manager for Argentina.

The Zebra TC56 mobile computer has also automated delivering and picking processes for DUCIT’s drivers, resulting in increased productivity and less errors. Drivers can easily capture barcodes placed on the valuables and automatically communicate data back to the corporate office. The L10 rugged tablet offers information to drivers about the best route for their deliveries and streamlined communication with headquarters.

With Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of end-user applications, application development tools and utilities, DUCIT has been able to simplify management, strengthen security and reduce training and adoption time. “Zebra and our partners give a performance edge to help those on the front line of business succeed,” said Alejandro Prosperi, Sales Director, Zebra Technologies in Argentina. “With Zebra mobile solutions, transportation and logistics companies such as DUCIT can optimize operations to deliver flawlessly while providing customers with the speed, accuracy and real-time tracking they expect.”


Together, Zebra’s rugged TC56 mobile computer and L10 tablet allow DUCIT to improve real-time visibility into operations and increase driver safety.

DUCIT’s field mobility solution provides managers with access to real-time information that optimizes route operations and enables timely decisions at the point of work.

DUCIT increases its operational efficiency by eliminating manual data entries that have reduced errors and the time spent on order fulfillment and delivery by 95 percent.

Zebra’s Mobility DNA software suite allows DUCIT to maximize its return on investment in purpose-built mobile and tablet computers by simplifying management, strengthening security, and reducing training time.

Also, Zebra introduced intuitive warehouse offerings designed to optimize workflows, maximize productivity in the warehouse and improve employee onboarding. Offering a modern user experience that leverages Zebra’s Android™-based mobile computers and innovative optional accessories like the new enterprise-class HD4000 head-mounted display, Zebra FulfillmentEdge™ transforms existing warehouse management systems (WMS) by enabling real-time dynamic workflows and routing mobile workers for picking, packing and put-away — without costly and risky upgrades or backend changes. Zebra also introduced the new single-finger RS5100 wireless ring scanner, providing mobile workers with an ultra-light hands-free scanning option for increased productivity in industrial environments.

According to Zebra’s recent 2024 Warehousing Vision Study, IT and operational decision makers are already taking steps to upgrade their facilities and WMS platforms. Findings show that 54 percent of surveyed organizations plan to implement full-featured WMS and mobile worker execution systems by 2024. FulfillmentEdge integrates existing real-time WMS data with real-time location information, providing visibility into the location of workers, inventory and material handling assets. The solution then analyzes the information and creates real-time workflows delivered as electronic tasks that can contain visual directions to the next pick location and photos of the item to ensure picking accuracy. Now, one worker can simultaneously pick multiple orders, enabling businesses to dramatically increase order fulfillment times and boost worker productivity up to 24 percent.

“The on-demand economy is placing pressure on warehouse operations to quickly fulfill more orders than ever before, requiring a highly productive and efficient workforce,” said Joe White, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies. “Zebra’s intuitive FulfillmentEdge software and optional HD4000 head-mounted display provide mobile workers with clear, step-by-step instructions that reduce training time by 90 percent to allow near-instant onboarding while decision-makers benefit from the real-time insights and analytics that enable better data-driven decisions.”

Zebra’s 2024 Warehousing Vision Study also found that 62 percent of companies say they plan to add or upgrade to wearable computers, such as smartwatches, smart glasses or hip-mounted devices. Zebra’s first enterprise-class, head-mounted display is lightweight for hands-free and heads-up, directed-action workflows that increase task efficiency and accuracy by overlaying contextual information such as shelf location and layout, pick quantity, remaining picks and bin sorting information within each worker’s field of vision.

The rugged, monocular HD4000 head-mounted display is an optional accessory for select mobile computers capable of running the FulfillmentEdge solution. It tethers via USB, providing all-day power and increased productivity to warehouse, manufacturing and field service workers who can benefit from hands-free, directed-action workflows.

Zebra also announced the rugged, single-finger RS5100 Bluetooth® ring scanner that helps improve worker productivity by freeing up workers’ hands for inventory management, picking, packing and sorting applications in industrial environments. Zebra’s smallest and lightest ring scanner offers a long battery life and features a single-sided- or double-trigger to enable workers to use gloves or bare hands for all-day comfort. It also supports NFC tap-to-pair with most Zebra enterprise-class Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and offers high-performance 1D/2D omnidirectional scanning to maximize worker productivity.

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