BigID Intros Discovery-in-Depth Technology

January 23, 2020

BigID introduced their Discovery-In-Depth technology to provide organizations with unprecedented visibility and insight into personal and crown jewel data.

The new technology builds on BigIDís patented Correlation technology for finding any Personal Information (PI) and sensitive data, across any data store or pipeline, and correlating it back to a person so as to address critical CCPA and GDPR use cases like personal data rights.

It introduces three new ML-based data intelligence modalities to help organizations know their data for privacy, protection and perspective.

Cataloging: BigIDís next-generation cataloging allows organizations to find, analyze and manage technical, and for the first time, business and operational metadata across structured, unstructured and semi-structured data at scale.

Classification: BigIDís ML-based classification lets organizations accurately classify both data attributes and whole files based on patterns, fuzzy entity recognition and deep learning across any type of data store or pipeline.

Cluster Analysis: BigIDís first-of-its-kind Cluster Analysis gives organizations an ability to uncover duplicate, derivative and similar data to simplify privacy scoping and minimization, apply data-specific security protections including labeling sensitive data at scale for enforcement, and ease data governance operations like retention management, data consolidation and cloud migration.

Correlation: BigIDís patented Correlation technology pioneered the ability of an organization to find any PII or contextual PI across any data, and measure its association to a person or entity.

ďData is the lifeblood of a modern business. However, traditional approaches to data discovery lack the detail, context, coverage or privacy-awareness to address modern regulatory and security needs,Ē explained Nimrod Vax, BigIDís Head of Product. ďBigIDís next generation Discovery-in-Depth technology is the first and only data intelligence platform to combine ML-based Cataloging, Classification, Cluster Analysis and Correlation to give enterprises unmatched situational awareness and actionability across a modern enterprise data landscape.Ē

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