Urban Health Vulnerability Index Predicts COVID-19 Impact

March 30, 2020

In just five days, data science and visualization company RS21 created a data analytics website to help address the challenges of COVID-19.

The Urban Health Vulnerability Index (UHVI) identifies urban populations at high risk for COVID-19, including older adults and people with serious medical conditions. The application is intended to support mid- to long-term planning in the face of health, economic and social disruptions.

The UHVI originally included metro areas in New Mexico where the company is headquartered. It now includes 13 cities, from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., and can be freely accessed at

The Urban Health Vulnerability Index supports city resource planning and deployment.

"In our mission to do good with data, a team of passionate RS21 data scientists and developers created this application that uncovers the most vulnerable parts of our communities," said Charles Rath, President and CEO of RS21. "When leaders in healthcare, government, business and communities look at the impact holistically, we can make better decisions now and in the coming months."

The UHVI quickly and clearly communicates information in a map-type interface, making it easy to use by decision-makers, analysts and citizens. Datasets come from the Centers for Disease Control, the US Census, COVID-19 cases, healthcare facilities and other disparate data sources.

"We are facing unprecedented challenges, and it's going to take innovation and action from everyone to help our communities bounce back and remain strong," added Rath. "We are very open to partnerships, and we are ready to scale and customize this tool to take it to the next level."

The UHVl currently shows data for the following cities:

Albuquerque, NM

Aurora, CO

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Colorado Springs, CO

Denver, CO

Las Cruces, NM

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Phoenix, AZ

Santa Fe, NM

Washington, D.C.

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