Scaled Agile Releases SAFe 5.0

January 07, 2020

Scaled Agile has released SAFe 5.0 for Lean Enterprises. The new version of SAFe features significant advances in strategy, execution, and leadership competencies needed for an organization to deliver innovative business solutions faster than the competition.

Taking the approach that business agility requires everyone involved in delivering solutions—business and technology leaders, development, IT operations, legal, marketing, finance, support, compliance, security, and others—use Lean and Agile practices, SAFe 5.0 provides guidance on how to extend the Lean-Agile mindset into those business areas.

"With the unprecedented pace of technological innovation, it has become increasingly clear that existing business models, organizational hierarchy, and technology infrastructure simply can't keep up with how quickly companies need to adapt in the digital age," said Dean Leffingwell, SAI co-founder and chief methodologist. "SAFe 5.0 helps organizations address technical and agility deficiencies, as well as strategic and tactical incompatibilities between the business and IT, to master the core competencies necessary to achieve true business agility."

Key Highlights of SAFe® 5.0:

The addition of customer centricity and design thinking enables the organization to better understand the problem and design the right solution

Measure and Grow guidance helps the organization determine its current state of business agility and identify tactical steps needed to improve

Continuous Learning Culture competency provides a set of values and practices that encourage everyone in the enterprise to continually learn—and innovate—together

Organizational Agility competency helps teams optimize their business processes, evolve strategy with clear and decisive new commitments, and quickly adapt to capitalize on new opportunities

By expanding to include business teams, SAFe 5.0 enables all teams in the organization to participate in creating, delivering, and supporting innovative business solutions

A new SAFe Principle—Organize Around Value—helps enterprises align their development efforts around the full, end-to-end value flow

"The thing we're so excited about in SAFe 5.0 is that design thinking and customer centricity are in the framework now," said Carmen Farenthold, director of sales technologies at PepsiCo. "We've got to put the end user at the core of what we're doing because it's not about delivering a technology solution just for the sake of a technology solution. It's about that user who is going to leverage that solution."

"Those who master large-scale software delivery will define the economic landscape of the twenty-first century," said Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop and author of the book Project to Product. "SAFe 5.0 is a monumental release that I am convinced will be key in helping countless enterprise organizations succeed in their shift from project to product." 

Key dates surrounding the full release are:

The SAFe 4.6 website remains available at until January, 2021

Updated SAFe 5.0 courses providing comprehensive training and certification on SAFe roles and competencies will be available in January, 2020.

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