Rookout, AppDynamics Partner for Deep Code Insights

February 21, 2020

Rookout inked a commercial agreement with AppDynamics at their global event Transform 2020. The agreement integrates Rookout with the AppDynamics platform, creating AppDynamics Deep Code Insights. Rookout provides the power of debugging to AppDynamics, in order to dramatically increase enterprise agility and velocity when it comes to diagnosing and pinpointing the root cause of performance issues.

“The ability to jump directly from an AppDynamics issue to a specific line of code that caused the error without restarting, redeploying, or adding more code -- that’s the magic of Deep Code Insights,” said Or Weis, Co-Founder and CEO of Rookout. “AppDynamics is one of the most powerful developer platforms in the world, and so this was an obvious partnership. We want to bring the next-gen developer workflow to enterprise customers and help them increase product velocity.”

Debugging modern, distributed applications is complex, time consuming, and costly -- not only for application developers, but also IT teams and organizations broadly. By combining Rookout's live-code debugging and AppDynamics’s leading, enterprise-grade APM solution, Deep Code Insights unites application developers and IT Operations personnel to leverage a shared tool to troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues.

“AppDynamics and Rookout both address the complexity of debugging modern applications,” said Kevin Wagner, VP of corporate development and strategy at AppDynamics. “We want to make it easier for businesses to understand their own software, which is why together, we are narrowing the gaps between indicating a code-related problem impacting performance, pinpointing the direct issue within the line of code, and deploying a solution quickly for a seamless customer experience.”

“Rookout helps me get the debugging data I need in seconds instead of waiting for several hours,” said Jerrie Pineda, Enterprise Software Architect at Maverik. “As a result, our mean time to resolution (MTTR) for most issues is slashed up to 80%.”

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