Wind River Labs Debuts

March 2, 2020

Wind River Labs is a new developer-focused site where technologists can gain access to software projects, proofs-of-concept, open source integrations, experimental software, and new technologies. The site includes the first-ever freely available VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) software developer kit (SDK) for the developer community.

Wind River Labs is an environment where developers, both Wind River customers and non-customers, can collaborate to innovate at the edge, enabling capabilities such as machine learning and computer vision. This includes interacting with the software engineers who created the projects, other software engineers tackling similar challenges, and Wind River ecosystem members exploring new markets and forward-looking designs.

The available VxWorks SDK includes an open source board support package for Raspberry Pi and UP Squared hardware. Developers can now download the latest version of VxWorks, along with projects such as ROS (Robot Operating System) 2, and immediately start prototyping and designing applications on the company’s industry-leading operating systems.

Other featured Wind River Labs projects include the following:

TensorFlow for Wind River Linux

OpenCV for VxWorks

Microsoft Azure IoT SDK for VxWorks

AWS IoT Device SDK for VxWorks

Google Cloud IoT Core SDK for VxWorks

Google Test support for VxWorks

OpenAMP for VxWorks Remote Compute

“With the amount of software content proliferating, and autonomous and intelligent systems significantly growing in relevance, driving collaborative innovation is more important than ever,” said Gareth Noyes, chief strategy officer at Wind River. “Wind River Labs gives developers early access to cutting edge software projects, and allows the sharing of ideas through working code, examples, and recipes for technologies and community projects.”

Wind River Labs complements the company’s comprehensive software portfolio that supports a diverse range of developer journeys, from prototype to design and development to deployment, whether teams want to start with open source and need Linux or an RTOS or both. The portfolio flexibility allows companies to deliver highly competitive products that leverage the latest community-driven innovations while meeting safety, security, and reliability requirements for mission-critical applications.

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