2nd Watch Intros Analytics Service

March 12, 2020

2nd Watch intoduced a new analytics service for enterprises that want to make more informed, data-driven decisions. Leveraging serverless tools and battle-tested over dozens of successful deployments, the new DataOps service from 2nd Watch is a fully managed offering that aligns a company’s business goals with its data, providing users easy access to fresh insights from previously siloed sources.

“Transforming an organization to be more data-driven requires an evolution both in technology and culture. Data initiatives die without a guiding business objective,” said Robert Whelan, Practice Manager of Data Engineering and Analytics at 2nd Watch. “While every organization is unique, they all want to see and act on trustworthy data. That’s where our DataOps service comes into play. We combine years of experience and industry best practices with a client’s unique access, security and governance requirements to help them solve business problems.”

The 2nd Watch DataOps service begins with highly trained 2nd Watch consultants working side-by-side with a client to identify their primary business objectives. Once the objectives are clarified, 2nd Watch will use serverless offerings to connect a client’s primary data sources. These services are all cloud-native and fully managed by 2nd Watch, enabling users to focus on creating business value rather than managing servers.

The service covers everything from governance to data exploration and storage, while working with a company’s existing identity store (Okta, ActiveDirectory, etc.), plugging into any BI tool, and handling structured, semi-structured and unstructured data of any volume. 2nd Watch uses data lake tools to secure a company’s data using sensible role definitions such as Business Analyst and Data Engineer. The service uses a classic 3-zone data lake on cloud storage, and data is automatically compressed and archived to minimize storage costs. Only the most important “data marts” – approved datasets – get loaded into more costly cloud data warehouses, minimizing cost and complexity for the client.

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